Taking the Waters in Baden-Baden, Germany

The immaculate little town of Baden-Baden, tucked away in the foothills of S.W. Germany’s Black Forest, is a luxurious cross between Monte Carlo, Paris, a spa, and an English park. Within a few minutes’ walk in Baden-Baden you can see the world’s most beautifully appointed casino, stroll through a verdant green park that is a dead ringer for an English Victorian garden, and sip an espresso ... Read Full Article

Tucked Away in Tübingen, Germany

Tubingen, Germany

  Tübingen, Germany: the great German writer, Goethe, barfed here; the renowned German author, Hermann Hesse, handled books here; and even the current Pope, Benedict XVI, was formerly known as Herr Professor Ratzinger here. When many think of Germany,  thoughts of racing down the Autobahn and throwing back a cool and cloudy Hefeweizen in a biergarten while wearing lederhosen and ... Read Full Article

Stuttgart, Germany – a Swabian Delight

Stuttgart is the gateway to one of Germany's most storied regions, the Black Forest of Swabia, and fittingly is itself one of the greenest cities in Germany. The nearby Neckar River has its source in the Swabian Alps of the Black Forest and forms the valley that surrounds Stuttgart. The hills on either side of the valley are forested and/or covered with vineyards all the way from Prague to ... Read Full Article

Swabia: Industry Drives Ahead, Poetry Lives On

Cleversulzbach, Germany is a dangerous place if you are the mother of a famous German poet. Two such women lie in the village’s tiny graveyard. Elisabeth Schiller, whose son Friedrich wrote “Ode to Joy,” died in 1802 while visiting the village, where her son-in-law was the parish priest. Her gravestone, which just says “Schiller’s mother”, was erected years later by the poet Eduard Mörike, who was ... Read Full Article

Ludwigsburg, Germany: a City of Storytelling

  Ludwigsburg is a city of storytelling - and the city's own story is pretty interesting in its own right. This city of about 87,000 people in Swabia, the southwest region of Baden-Wurttemberg  Germany, features a delightful city centre and a gorgeous palace. The Baroque-style palace and its grounds occupy an area virtually the same size as the downtown area of the city itself. The two ... Read Full Article

Top Castles in Germany

  Germany's long history can be traced through its rich array of castles and palaces that are scattered throughout the countryside. Germany's castles span various eras and genres and most are very well preserved. All year long, castles play host to a multitude of festivals and events that capture the medieval and Renaissance cultures from ancient Prussia and Germany. Here are just a few of ... Read Full Article