The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe

create a travel budget

Creating and Sticking to a Travel Budget

No traveler wants to count pennies while on their dream trip, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to throw out our budgets and deal with the fallout once we’re back at home. While creating--and sticking to--a travel budget isn’t glamorous, it’s also not that difficult. With a bit of ... Read Full Article

The iconic Zimmer Tower in Lier

Lier – Belgium Off the Beaten Path

Visit-worthy destinations in Belgium aren’t limited to the major well-known cities, such as Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp. Rather to the contrary; those much-visited cities are only the tip of the iceberg—albeit quite a nice tip. The rest of the iceberg of Belgian cities consists of quaint stone ... Read Full Article

Kuku campers are great for camping in Iceland

Exploring Iceland in a Camper-van

Iceland is known as a great road-trip destination, thanks to an abundance of beautiful landscapes and an easy-to-follow route, the Ring Road, that circles the island. For those who want to make the most of their time on the road, but aren’t quite ready to rough it in a tent, exploring Iceland in ... Read Full Article

The blue Mosque is one of the seven turkish delights

7 Turkish Delights: The Best of Western Turkey

Much like the ubiquitous Turkish delight candies that have differing ingredients, flavors, and textures, the delights of Western Turkey are just as varied. The seven Turkish delights I offer range from mosques, former basilicas, Greco-Roman ruins and Byzantine architecture to unique natural world ... Read Full Article

The Champs Elysees is the heart of Paris

Paris Insider tips: Make the Most of your Paris Trip

I have traveled to Paris dozens of times and am always amazed at how much I learn about this wonderful city on each visit. It is always an exciting experience. Here are just a few Paris insider tips I have learned through the years. By sharing these Paris travel tips with our readers, I hope to ... Read Full Article

Lots of affection at the Piedmont Donkey Sanctuary

Italy’s Donkey Sanctuary: An Enchanting Detour

You don’t have to be a child or an animal lover to visit Italy's Donkey Sanctuary in the Piedmont region, but it helps if you are. Amateur historians, economists, sociologists, and psychologists should also be enchanted. Everyone is welcome – families, singles, couples, teenagers, schoolchildren, ... Read Full Article

Pentre Ifan has a capstone that rests on the tips of three standing stones

Tracking Down Prehistoric Dolmens in Wales

Some of the world's most impressive ancient burial chambers, or dolmens, stand in the green fields and copses of Wales. On a recent trip, my husband John and I tracked down several of these prehistoric sites, and each time I felt the eery sense of an ancient past brought into the present. The ... Read Full Article

Scenic road in the hills of Connemara

Connemara: Ireland at its Most Remote

Grey clouds float across a gloomy sky, preventing the sun's rays to peak through. Below on the ground, a herd of sheep tries desperately to find shelter from the approaching rain in a barren, treeless landscape of rocky hills, bogs and still lakes. No sounds other than that of the first raindrops ... Read Full Article