The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe

View of Echternach from the Müllerthal Trail

The Müllerthal Trail: Exploring Luxembourg on Foot

Luxembourg is more than the banking paradise and “city state” that many people assume it is. For one, it’s much larger than only its namesake capital city of Luxembourg. In fact, the country of Luxembourg is a place made up of rolling fields, large forests, awe-inspiring rock formations and historic ... Read Full Article

Braised lamb, part of Icelandic cuisine

What You Need to Know About Icelandic Cuisine

When most tourists think of Icelandic cuisine, they tend to picture the country’s slightly less appetizing foods. There’s the rotten shark, which Anthony Bourdain claimed was one of the worst things he’d ever eaten, as well as boiled sheep's head, and Brennivin, a liquor affectionately nicknamed the ... Read Full Article

Bike wall along Notitzstrasse in Bergmannkiez

Beautiful Bergmannkiez: A Glimpse into Pre-war Berlin

Have you ever heard of Bergmannkiez? When traveling through Germany, especially in Berlin and the north of the country, at some point you’ll come across the word ‘kiez’. Pronounced ‘keetz’, kiezes are these smaller locales. There are many kiezes in Berlin, but some stand out from the pack. When ... Read Full Article

Blind maligned Max enjoys his fruit treats at the LiBearty bear Sanctuary

Why you’ll Cry and Laugh at the LiBearty Bear Sanctuary

The LiBearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania, will possibly be the most memorable experience of a trip to Eastern Europe for families and animal lovers. For starters, Zarnesti is located half an hour southwest of Brasov, a lovely historical town in the middle of the country. It boasts great ... Read Full Article

River cruising in Europe

Why Take a Europe River Cruise?

River cruising has been growing in popularity for the last two decades, with more and more cruise companies and ships plying the great rivers of Europe. Taking a Europe river cruise appeals to a wide range of travelers, which also makes it especially great for a multi-generational trip. Whether ... Read Full Article

A Cevicheria, one of the many favorite Lisbon restaurants

Where are the Most Innovative Lisbon Restaurants?

Fair to say, when it comes to top-end food scenes in Europe, Portugal often flies under the radar in favour of traditional big guns like France, Italy, and it’s immediate eastern neighbour, Spain. Home to a seemingly endless abundance of fresh, top-quality (and very affordable) Atlantic seafood, and ... Read Full Article

A production at La Scala

La Scala: More Than Just a Night at the Opera

As the world’s most famous opera house, Teatro alla Scala is a mecca for music lovers the world over. What many don’t realize is that visitors can experience Milan’s La Scala in more ways than one costly night sitting on a red-velveteen chair listening to Verdi. Of course La Scala is ... Read Full Article

create a travel budget

Creating and Sticking to a Travel Budget

No traveler wants to count pennies while on their dream trip, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to throw out our budgets and deal with the fallout once we’re back at home. While creating--and sticking to--a travel budget isn’t glamorous, it’s also not that difficult. With a bit of ... Read Full Article