The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe

A view over Valencia

What to do in Valencia in Summer

 If you can stand the heat, Valencia is one of the best European cities to visit in the summer. As the third biggest city in Spain, the centre of Valencia has a real neighbourhood feel and almost everything is within walking distance. And thanks to its array of attractions, restaurants and ... Read Full Article

The Palaestra, exercise area for the competitors in Olympia

Olympia Greece: Running Naked for the Olive Crown

The first competition held at Olympia, Greece was nothing to do with going for the gold. In fact, it was a chariot race that would determine who would win the hand of a beautiful princess, and inherit her father’s kingdom. King Oionomaos of Elis, had a daughter who he loved very much, so he ... Read Full Article

Stunning view of the hilltop town of Motovun in Istria

A Blissful Weekend in Istria, Croatia

A region in the northwestern corner of Croatia dotted with olive groves, vineyards, truffle forests and picturesque towns, Istria is home to more attractions and highlights that you would first expect. As the lion’s share of the tourist attention in Croatia goes to Dubrovnik , Plitvice Lakes ... Read Full Article

backpack carry-on

Travel Stuff We Love

We love to travel and we also love to share with our readers items that make travel easier, more interesting, or are just plain fun. Here is our latest batch of travel stuff we love: Travel Stuff We Love Carry on Backpack Our latest love (for sure) is Standard Luggage Company's  Carry-on ... Read Full Article

travel advice: Well Traveled Suitcase

Europe Packing Advice for Women

With airline carry-on size allotments shrinking and checked baggage fees soaring, every little bit of luggage space counts. And, packing for a trip to Europe can be a balancing act between bringing the necessities while not using precious space for non-essentials. Our packing advice for women: sort ... Read Full Article

Cascais is located on the Estoril coastline

Why is Cascais Lisbon’s Most Popular Coastal Getaway?

The beauty of Lisbon had captured our hearts and souls on more than one occasion, but the not so distant gems to its immediate west – the inviting, though as yet unexplored Estoril coast – remained all but a relative unknown. On a return jaunt to the stunning Portuguese capital last month, we ... Read Full Article

View of Echternach from the Müllerthal Trail

The Müllerthal Trail: Exploring Luxembourg on Foot

Luxembourg is more than the banking paradise and “city state” that many people assume it is. For one, it’s much larger than only its namesake capital city of Luxembourg. In fact, the country of Luxembourg is a place made up of rolling fields, large forests, awe-inspiring rock formations and historic ... Read Full Article

Braised lamb, part of Icelandic cuisine

What You Need to Know About Icelandic Cuisine

When most tourists think of Icelandic cuisine, they tend to picture the country’s slightly less appetizing foods. There’s the rotten shark, which Anthony Bourdain claimed was one of the worst things he’d ever eaten, as well as boiled sheep's head, and Brennivin, a liquor affectionately nicknamed the ... Read Full Article