The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe

Wawel Castle in Krakow

Krakow: Poland’s Beautiful Second-City

Overflowing with churches, museums, and historical sites, Krakow is the city to visit if you want to capture Europe’s culture through photography. The second largest city and one of the oldest in Poland, Krakow is pretty easy to explore. You just need to familiarize yourself with its key sights and ... Read Full Article

Renaissance coats of arms can be seen on major buildings in Arezzo

Arezzo: Master of Etruscan Gold Artistry

Arezzo’s current population of 100,000 is many tines what it was during Etruscan and, later, Roman rule, but the city has remained a commercial and cultural center for millennia. One of the hallmarks of Etruscan civilization – the working of gold to produce fine filigree jewelry – has continued to ... Read Full Article

Book a short-term Apartment in Amsterdam

Try a Short-Stay Apartment in Amsterdam

When most people search for holiday accommodation, they typically end up booking a hotel room. But a short-stay apartment in Amsterdam offers so many more benefits if you on a similar budget. If, for example, you are staying in Amsterdam for a week or more, a short-stay apartment may be a great ... Read Full Article

D-Day museum at Arromanches in Normandy

A Sobering Tribute in Normandy

Normandy was a turning point for the Allies in World War II. As the largest amphibious invasion in world history, “Operation Overlord” was a combined land, sea and air invasion under the direct command of joint British-American leadership. It continued from D-Day on June 6, 1944 through August 19, ... Read Full Article

Vienna, a star of Europe in winter

Europe in Winter: Where to Go

The Old World is a gift that keeps giving year round, from the mercurial peaks of the warmer months, to the subzero temps of December and beyond. It’s the latter, however, that tends to capture the imagination, a time when the old town architecture and cobbled streets simmer in the chill, and ... Read Full Article

Lampadaria Etrusco in Cortona

Cortona: Under the Etruscan Sun

A visit to Tuscany is more than exposure to the language of Dante, the art of Michelangelo, and the craftsmen of Florence. The word Tuscany itself comes from Tusci or Etrusci, words used by Romans in the time of Cicero to refer to a civilization that had predated theirs by some 800 years. In its ... Read Full Article

View of Bohinj Valley from the Vogel Cable Car

Why You Should Visit Bohinj, Slovenia

With its towering mountain peaks, deep clear lakes and tumbling waterfalls, hiking trails and ski slopes, Bohinj is one of Slovenia’s top destinations for adventure travel. Set in the breathtaking Julian Alps and partially within Triglav National Park, the valley of Bohinj is flanked by the Lower ... Read Full Article

Flower window dressings in Pérouges

Pérouges: The Prettiest Medieval City in France

Perched high on a hill with the French Alps draped as a fairy tale backdrop, the medieval village of Pérouges persists. A timeless town. A perfectly preserved gothic treasure. It’s like walking through the pages of a story from the Middle Ages when chivalrous knights and fair maidens ruled the day. ... Read Full Article