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Why Now is the Best Time to Visit the Balkans

  Visit the Balkans Now Before it Turns Into A Tourist Trap At the beginning of the year, Vogue, Condé Nast, Travelzoo, and a wealth of others declared Eastern Europe the destination of 2017. If you are a follower of trends, then now is the time to visit the Balkans, because this is the most …

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Europe’s Western Balkans: Bosnia-Herzegovina

  The overland drive from Podgorica to Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital city, Sarajevo, is a stunning coil through imposing mountains along the glacier-blue Pivo River. Sarajevo—the other Jerusalem—exemplifies the modern religion crossroads and crossfire. Most media offerings specialize in images that disturb. That seems to be all that was shared about Bosnia-Herzegovina until now. This beautiful country’s …

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