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A Bird’s Eye View of Venice

There are many different strategies for exploring the stunning city of Venice, Italy. Some visitors choose to wander along canals and over bridges, abandoning the idea of following a map. Others choose to focus on the main attractions – St Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, and the Peggy Guggenheim Museum – to guide them through the city. …

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Carnevale di Venezia: The Carnival of Venice

Since returning from Venice, Italy a few days ago, I have been pondering why my experience of spending four days at The Venice Carnival left such a deep and persistent impression – more than any other trip I have taken to numerous outstanding places throughout the world. I have come to the conclusion that Venice Carnival gets under your skin because for some …

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Italy Tourist Information

Introduction to Italy The tenth-largest country in Europe; Italy reaches into the central Mediterranean and includes the islands Sardinia and Sicily. Before Italy became a nation-state in 1861, the country was divided into city-states. Those political divisions may no longer exist but they are still present culturally. One will find a long-standing rivalry between Florence …

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The Islands of Venice, Italy

  Venice, the island jewel of the Renaissance, offers visitors more than high culture, a combative history and exquisite art.  A brief trip on a vaporetto (passenger boat) or a ferry from Italy’s mainland can lead to one of the freestanding islands within the Venetian Lagoon.  Despite the tourist trade, many of these islands have …

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Venice on a Budget!

Visitors to Venice can’t help but admire its bridge-crossed canals, cobblestone streets and romantic rides down the canal with singing gondoliers. But many visitors may forget about all of that because of the high prices!  The city’s expensive, touristy restaurants, kitschy souvenirs, and fancy hotels can quickly drain your vacation funds. However, having been to …

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The Outer Islands of Venice: Murano, Burano and Torcello

The best of Venice can be seen in two days. So, if you’d like a different experience after the bustle of Venice, you may want to take a day trip to explore one of Venice’s outer islands. The nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, are each unique and can easily be accessed by vaporetto …

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