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Posh London Has a New Home: The Beaumont Hotel

London: globally significant for being a central hub of finance, culture, history – not to mention shopping. As such, there is no shortage of fabulous places to stay when hopping across the pond. However, we’ve fallen especially hard for one newly opened hotel, with a crush so intense we can only compare it to seeing Love …

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Where to Stay in Sorrento, Italy

A luxurious, coastal Italian town if ever there was one, Sorrento offers a great selection of high-end ‘where to stay’ options; but budget travelers will have a hard time of it. Nevertheless, you’ll find a small selection of budget hotel recommendations below. The following ‘where to stay’ options are organized by hotel star rating, beginning …

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London’s Cheap Youth Hostels

London is an expensive city, so if you’re young and happy to go with the flow, staying in a hostel might be a great way to save your pennies, (or pence to be more accurate.) Here are our favorite London youth hostels Astor’s Quest Hostel  – Inexpensive The Astor hostels, established in 1974 as the first independent …

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