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Best Pocket WiFi for Travel – How to Get Cheap Internet in Europe

International Pocket WiFi – The Perfect Travel Wifi for Europe and Beyond

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Finding WiFi when you are traveling can be frustrating. The WiFi in hotels and vacation rental is often less than ideal. Roaming charges can put a serious dent in your vacation budget and hunting down free WiFi is not fun either.

Changing your sim card is an option, but you have to figure that out for each country and you will have a different phone number each time (which makes it hard for your family and friends to reach you in case of emergency).

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But there is a solution: International Pocket WiFi. Those devices are so helpful when you travel overseas. You can share internet access across multiple devices, you can keep your phone number and it is a portable WiFi hotspot.

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Who Needs an International Pocket WiFi?

  • Couples & Families: If you travel with groups of up to 5 people, who want to share access to WiFi and save money, pocket WiFi is for you. Instead of each traveler getting a separate plan for their cellphone (cost: ~$10/day), you can share the cost with up to 5 people (cost: starting at ~$5/day).
  • Digital Nomads: If you need reliable access to fast Internet, to work on client contracts, your blog or business, the international pocket WiFi makes your life much easier.
  • Business Travelers: To maximize your efficiency during your business trip, you need reliable and fast internet. You also need to keep your number, so you can be reached by your business partners, colleagues, and clients, so changing.
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Advantages of a Portable WiFi

  • Easy, one-time setup
  • Can be shared by up to 5 devices
  • You can keep your phone number
  • Fast internet
  • Small and portable
  • Can be used in 130 countries and includes country bundles (Europe multi-country plan)

Vision Global WiFi Review

I recently had the chance to try out Vision Global WiFi’s pocket WiFi service on a quick trip to Mexico as well as on a 3 Continents Cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean.

I was able to test the device in Mexico, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, and Turkey and had no trouble connecting at any of the destinations and download/upload speeds were very fast.

The only time I could not connect was when I was too far from shore to pick up any cell coverage. However, the device picked up cell reception much faster than my husband’s Pixel 4 and my iPhone 8+. As we were sailing close to shore most of the time, I was able to connect on most days well before getting to the port. But keep in mind, that this device has no satellite connection, so once you are not in reach of a cell tower signal, you won’t be able to connect on a cruise. 

Usually, I just use my T-Mobile international plan, but I often need to get a little bit of work done and need fast and reliable internet. My international roaming plan limits my data to 256kbs in some countries – too slow to backup photos to the cloud, watch videos, and even upload photos to Instagram and Facebook . So I decided to try Vision Global WiFi.

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Mexico was my first time to use a hotspot device to get WiFi abroad and to be honest, I always thought it wasn’t worth the hassle. But it was so easy and convenient and did exactly what I needed it to do – give me fast, reliable internet while traveling. It is perfect for business travelers, digital nomads, or couples/families who want to connect multiple devices for a good price. So when I had the opportunity to try it again on my cruise in the Mediterranean, I was very excited.

I put this device through a tough test during our day in Egypt. We had a 3.5 hour bus ride back through the desert to the ship and I shared the Pocket WiFi with 5 journalists in our group. Each journalist was not only able to connect and check emails, but also backup their photos during that time. They were so grateful (as were we) to know that our bucket list pictures from that day were backed up to the cloud and safe and that we could get some work done during our downtime.

The difference was like night and day, going from 256kbs to 3G download speeds. During this 3.5 hour bus ride, we managed to upload over 6GB of data – spread up over 5 devices. 

IMPORTANT: This device provides internet, but no cellphone coverage. That means you can call using VoIP or other internet-based calling services like Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. Regular phone calling can incur additional charges, depending on your phone plan.

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How does Vision Global WiFi’s Travel WiFi work?

It is super simple. You go to their website Vision Global WiFi a minimum 4 days before your trip and select the country/countries and daily high-speed data volume, enter your dates and it gives you the price. If that works for you, you can book the device, enter your payment details and shipping info or pickup location. If you are traveling within 4 days, you can always call and see if they can arrange WiFi for you.

If you choose to get the device shipped, you will receive it in the mail and you are ready to go. You can also pick it up at the airport at some select locations, such as Los Angeles (LAX and Torrance), and major airports in Japan.

When you are at your destination, you just turn the device on and connect. Read how easy it is to connect below.

After your trip, you either drop it off at the airport or ship it back in the provided prepaid envelope.

Vision Global WiFi Cost

The cost for Vision Global WiFi is very affordable and competitive. For example, if you plan to visit multiple countries in Europe, they offer Unlimited 4G Max (with unlimited high-speed data connection) only $15.90 per day. They also have other plans; Unlimited 4G Basic (with 500MB high-speed data connection) and Unlimited 4G Advanced (with 1GB high-speed data connection). However, you can always call customer support to get the best deal.

Vision Global WiFi also offers a long-term rental discount, so this makes it even more attractive for slow travelers and digital nomads.

You also have to pay shipping or a pick-up fee, if you choose to pick it up at the airport. You can share internet access with up to 5 devices simultaneously, though that might impact the speed a little. Please check the website for the latest prices!

And the best news: Click the link below and get 20% discount!

Reserve now!

Vision Global WiFi’s Travel Package

So, what is included in the package? When I got the package from Vision Global WiFi, I was surprised how small it was. The package includes a little pouch, which holds the pocket WiFi device (a tiny bit bigger than an iPhone 6s) and a charging cable (US-style plug, so remember to bring your adaptor or you can rent the international adaptor plug for only $1/day). It also includes a detailed manual that explains exactly how to use the device and connect to it.

Picture of Global Vision Login Screen

How to set up Vision Global WiFi

Setting up and connecting to Vision Global WiFi is pretty foolproof. All you have to do is turn on the pocket WiFi device, go to the WiFi settings on your phone, connect to the Vision Global WiFi network and enter the password. Super simple. It also stays connected, so you don’t have to worry to accidentally get hit by roaming charges.

Pro Tip: Charge your Vision Global WiFi’s portable WiFi device before you leave, so you can connect as soon as you arrive. Then you can check for transportation, access maps, do research, etc. as soon as you hit the ground.

What we liked about Vision Global WiFi pocket WiFi

  • Super easy to connect and stays connected
  • Very decent internet speeds (we watched YouTube videos on two devices simultaneously, while my husband updated his apps and had no buffer issues)
  • Small and compact
  • Low cost, especially when you share the access with multiple people

What we didn’t like about Vision Global WiFi

Actually, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about the Vision Global WiFi’s pocket WiFi. I think the only thing that irked me a bit is the shipping costs, especially for shorter trips ($8/each way). But even with that factored in, it is so much cheaper than most international cell phone plans (most charge $10/day/device).

Vision Global WiFi – Final Verdict

I think Vision Global WiFi is the perfect solution to get fast, reliable and cheap internet while traveling abroad. It is a great pocket WiFi choice if you need portable WiFi to work while traveling or have multiple people with multiple devices who need to connect.

It is just so nice to know that you can rely on this little device to connect whenever, wherever you want. I already recommended it to my mother-in-law who travels frequently and I know she will love it because it is so easy to connect.

And remember: Vision Global WiFi will give you a 20% discount if you order through the links on this website! Reserve now!

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Friday 2nd of August 2019

What a fabulous idea. I hate getting caught out without wifi when travelling.

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