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UNESCO Heritage Site: Historical Trulli of Alberobello, Italy

Visiting the Historical Trulli of Alberobello, Italy

Icons of the Puglia region of Italy, the conical huts are known as Trulli, poke out everywhere in the region, but nowhere are they as numerous as in the city of Alberobello. The village was declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 1996. Demonstrating an architectural sense from another time (which sometimes seems like it comes from another world), Trulli are made of hundreds of carefully placed stones. On top of their cone-shaped roofs are knob-like Pinnacoli, aka pinnacles.

ALBEROBELLO, ITALY - Traditional trulli houses whitewashed round houses with coneshaped grey roofs
Traditional Trulli houses in Alberobello

Alberobello is a great place for families who are traveling, and the city has more than 1500 Trulli. The now world-famous city is one of Puglia’s most important tourist destinations. Everyone from celebrities to politicians has been buying up renovated Trulli in recent years.

White houses with cone shaped roofs - Alberobello's trulli, Apulia, Italy
Alberobello’s trulli, Apulia, Italy

Why visit the Trulli in Alberobello

It isn’t difficult to find Trulli in Puglia, and any train ride in the region will take you past one or more. It is truly astounding to think that so many ancient buildings still dot the countryside. Sadly, in areas other than Alberobello, many Trulli have fallen into disrepair.

The difference between most of the Trulli seen from trains and those found in Alberobello is that those in Alberobello are better cared for, are whitewashed, and have roofs adorned with the ancient symbols of their pagan inhabitants. The compromise you make is sharing them with hundreds of other travelers.

Trulli houses in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy
Trulli houses in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

History and Architecture of Trulli Houses

The history of the Trulli-style architecture is at least half hearsay, but the earliest examples of Trulli come from Greece during the Bronze Age. The Greeks controlled the lower portion of Italy for centuries and their presence is still felt in many ways, for example, some of the dialects in the Puglia region recorded around the turn of the 20th Century still contained many Greek words.

Trulli houses in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy
Trulli houses in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

One of the more interesting stories that I’ve heard concerning the origin of the Trulli is probably not true, however, it’s worth mentioning. Back way before Italy was united, each region of Italy had its own lords who were subservient to more powerful kings in Naples or Florence.

Supposedly, Puglia’s lords were crafty guys because they forced their subjects to live in Trulli to evade taxes: when the king’s tax collectors came to collect property tax, the peasants were told to quickly dismantle their stone homes, thus saving their lords a few bucks.

While comical, I have never heard this story officially validated. What is known about the original inhabitants is that they likely worshiped the sun because most of the homes’ entrances face east.

ALBEROBELLO, ITALY - UNESCO heritage city in Italy, Puglia. Trulli or Trullo houses with conical roofs, traditional Apulian dry stone hut.
UNESCO heritage city in Italy, Puglia

Best Way to Visit Alberobello

When visiting Alberobello there’s no better way to see the city than by strolling around Rione Monti. The twisting and turning streets are lined with Trulli, many of which can be rented for a night or more. These rentals include kitchens and bedrooms. In summer, it is best to secure reservations in advance, but Trulli can easily be rented without reservations during the months of October-April. As there is so much history behind these fascinating houses, I recommend a walking tour. If you like to try some local delicacies, you can even do a food tour in Alberobello or a cooking class at a local farmhouse.

The streets are also filled with wine shops, artisanal shops, and shops selling all manner of souvenirs. Giuseppe Maffei is one local artisan famed for his miniature, ceramic Trulli. When visiting Alberobello, don’t miss the Chiesa Sant’Antonio: a giant Trulli church.

Stunning Sun light diffraction over the Trullo-church, the Church of Trulli village, Alberobello, Apulia, Italy. Scenery summer cityscape with blue sky and puffy clouds
Church of Trulli in Alberobello, Apulia, Italy

How to Get to Alberobello

Getting to Alberobello can be a pain if you don’t have a car and you don’t plan on spending the night. It is best to be based out of either Taranto or Bari, where the travel time is around 1 ½ hours by train or bus. Buses and trains run much more regularly during the summer months. Check out the Omio website to book train and bus tickets

Because we arrived in the dark, it wasn’t until this morning that I discovered the unique beauty of the countryside that surrounds us in Ceglie, Puglia. Located in Italy’s middle-Puglia, it is hillier than the south, with clumps of pine forest.

Staying at a Masseria Farm House in Puglia

My friends, with whom we will stay, have renovated an old farmhouse. The farmhouses in Puglia are known as masseria and they literally fill the countryside. Many are fortified with impressive stone walls.

When we arrived their three dogs gave us a royal greeting. Today, Neil is working in the garden, which is bearing fruit already. I grew up in Maine, where the growing season is incredibly short, and we were lucky to have strawberries by my birthday, on July 6th. This morning, in early May, strawberries are ripe for the picking.

Typical Murgia landscape with an old stone manor farm called masseria.
Messeria farmhouse in Apulia, Italy.

This morning I met an English couple who have spent the winter restoring a Trulli. After a lunch of homemade bread, we took the dogs for a walk and explored some of the abandoned Trulli for signs of life.

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Linda Marchman

Friday 30th of January 2015

I have been searching for miniature ceramic trulli for years with no luck.


Saturday 15th of October 2011

Hi Judy,

I haven't found any with a quick search. Good luck!



Friday 14th of October 2011

Is there any site that I can purchase a miniature trulli model? I remember seeing these replicas which had lights in them. At the time, I had no room to pack this item. I wish I had one now.



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