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Escaping the Cold: Best Winter Sailing Destinations Around the World

Best Winter Sailing Destinations Around the World: Sailing in GrenadinesEscape the Cold -Best Winter Sailing Destinations around the World

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen my photos from the incredible sailing cruise from Sardinia to Corsica I was invited on a few weeks ago. To say the least: it was a dream vacation and certainly won’t be the last sailing adventure I will go on.

And you know the best way to fight the “Vacation is over – Blues”? Book another trip of course :) So I ended up on the Intersailclub website again to find the best winter sailing destinations for you. Unfortunately, European sailing destinations are not an option between October and Apri, as it is too cold, but there are plenty of other fabulous places to go on a sailing vacation. Are you ready to go on board? Or you can look at traditional cruises for your winter adventure in the Mediterranean? Here are my top 10 tips for winter cruises in the Mediterranean

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Best Winter Sailing Destinations in the Caribbean


Best Winter Sailing Destinations: Bathtub on board a sailboat

Escape the dreaded winter weather and enjoy the Caribbean sun as it warms you along the way from one picturesque Caribbean Island to the next. And there are plenty of islands to explore. 32 to be exact, of which only 9 are inhabited. This makes the Grenadines the perfect sailing destination: Pristine waters and secret beaches that you can explore and enjoy and a luxurious sailboat that provides you all the comfort of a floating home.

Best Winter Sailing Destinations in Asia


Best Winter Sailing Destinations: Sailing around Thailand

Thailand is a popular winter destination, so the beachside resorts can be very crowded. If you prefer a more relaxing and authentic Thailand experience, a sailing cruise could be a great alternative. Most cruises explore the Andaman Sea, which makes for smooth sailing in the turquoise waters.

November to April is the best season for Phuket Province, so this makes it one of the best winter sailing destinations around the world. Whether you are an avid diver, a beach bum, or a foodie, Thailand has something to offer for everyone and so do the 11 sailing cruises around Thailand that you can choose from on the Intersailclub website.

Best Winter Sailing Destinations: Sailboat Thailand


On my recent trip to Indonesia, I visited South Sumatra and Riau Island. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any time to explore much of the natural beauty of the country, so a return trip to Indonesia is still high on my bucket list.

Best Winter Sailing Destinations: Snorkeling in Indonesia

Indonesia is a seafarer nation. With over 17000 islands, it is not hard to see why a sailing cruise would be the perfect way to explore this island nation. Whether you want to visit the Komodo dragons or go diving in on of the most renown diving destinations in the world, Raja Ampat, Indonesia has the right sailing adventure waiting for you. Click here for more information on sailing cruises in Indonesia

Best Winter Sailing Destinations in Africa/Indian Ocean


Best Winter Sailing Destinations: Sailing in Seychelles

Nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are often leading the way as the dream honeymoon destination and rightfully so. It is the perfect island paradise. But if you are looking for a tad bit more individualism and adventure in your dream vacation, sailing in the Seychelles can be a great alternative to staying at the same resort on the same island for 2 weeks.

The climate on the Seychelles is pretty consistent and ranges from 75º to 86º F, which makes it a great destination all year round and perfect destination if you want to flee the gray winter days for a while.

Breaking up the cold, dark winter days with a vacation in the sun is always a good idea. But choosing one of these winter sailing destinations is an even better idea, don’t you think?

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Pin for Later: Best Winter Sailing Destinations Around the World

Best Winter Sailing Destinations Around the World with Intersailclub


Sunday 26th of November 2017

Your suggestions are terrific. Would love to head to Seychelles this winter!


Monday 13th of November 2017

Oh, these trips look amazing! A few years ago we sailed in the Seychelles and I absolutely loved it! Bookmarked this company for later reference - I keep on looking at the sailing trips every time when winter approaches :)

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