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15 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Czech Republic

Fall is my favorite time of the year to travel to Europe. On my last trip, I had the chance to visit the Czech Republic in October and I really think Fall is the best time to visit Czech Republic. Take a look at my 8 Day Czech Republic Itinerary here. The weather in Prague and the rest of the country was just perfect, sunny but not too hot. And the colors. The trees were turning all shades of golden yellow, mixed with bright oranges and deep red, leaving a colorful carpet underneath.

St John of Nepomuk in Czech Republic - EuropeUpClose Europe Travel Blog

1. Flights to the Czech Republic are Cheaper in the Fall

In the fall, you can score some great deals on flights to the Czech Republic, especially if you wait until the later part of September when the last kids are back in school. Use Skyscanner to find the best deals!

Visit Czech Republic in the Fall - Zelena Hora St John of Nepumuk in Z'dar nad Sazavou

2. Czech Republic Weather is Beautiful in the Fall

I was extremely lucky and only experienced great weather during my time in the Czech Republic. And the vibrant fall foliage looked even more stunning with the deep blue sky as a backdrop, don’t you think?

Temperatures in Prague in September range from low 50s to high 60s and relatively low precipitation, which makes it perfect for sightseeing. Bundle up in your nice boots and sweaters and go out and explore!

Jihlava Czech Republic - 15 Reasons to visit Czech Republic in the Fall

3. It is Less Crowded, especially Prague

Prague has become a very popular tourist destination and it can get quite crowded, especially in the summer months. Planning your visit to the Czech Republic for the fall allows you to avoid the worst of crowds. This means shorter lines and in my eyes, a much more pleasant experience.

Prague Czech Republic - Reasons to visit Czech Republic in the Fall

4. Hotels in the Czech Republic Are Cheaper

If you are on a budget, moving your trip to the shoulder season is a great way to save money. Hotel rooms are quite a bit cheaper in the fall than during the busy summer months. Find out where to stay in Prague and find some great deals on Hotel rooms in Prague.

And if you decide to splurge and treat yourself to a beautiful room (like the one I had at the Buddha Bar Hotel) and the weather is not playing nice, you definitely won’t mind staying in for the day!

Buddha Hotel Prague - 15 great Reasons to visit Czech Republic in the Fall


5. Tour Groups are smaller

Whether you go on a fully organized group tour or just join a food tour or city walking tour, your group will most likely be a little smaller than in the summer.

I personally like very small groups, as it is just so much more intimate. Your guide is more inclined to share some hidden spots and local tips than with a huge group, while you’ll be able to ask more questions and get a better feel for the place you are visiting. I also have the feeling that I can retain more information the smaller the group. On my food tour in Prague, I was very lucky and only had one other person in my group.

15 Reasons to Visit Czech Republic in the Fall - Prague Czech Republic

6. Best Time for Hiking

Hiking in the Czech Republic is best in the early fall. Temperatures are great for outdoorsy activities and the changing leaves make your hike a feast for your eyes. The region known as Bohemian Switzerland is one of the most famous hiking destinations in the Czech Republic and is just about 1 hour north of Prague. I haven’t been there myself yet, but I hope to include this area on my next visit to the Czech Republic.

Visit Czech Republic in the Fall - Best time to visit Czech Republic

7. Mushroom and Game Season

Wait, it took me 7 reasons to visit the Czech Republic and I am only now mentioning Czech food? Shame on me! If you visit Czech Republic in the fall, you’ll come just in time for delicious food and game dishes that are heavenly in this country. Whether you try goulash made from wild boar or deer, or maybe a creamy and delicious mushroom gravy served with silky dumplings, you won’t regret trying these seasonal delicacies. I am still dreaming of the tasteful dishes I had there.

Czech Food is mouthwatering and delicious - Visit Czech Republic

8. Beautiful Fall Colors

Fall in Europe is gorgeous. Golden leaves shimmering in shades of fiery orange and red will turn the forests of the Czech Republic into a sea of flames. Make sure you spend some time in nature, or at least in a few parks during your fall trip to the Czech Republic to take advantage of this picturesque time. But not just the foliage is colorful, Czech towns are too. Take a look at beautiful Telč (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and its colorful Renaissance houses..And as you can see, fall in the Czech Republic is really photogenic.

9. Misty Mornings

Get up early, no not to catch the sunrise, but to catch the early morning fog and mist. It gives the surroundings a mystic and spooky look. The white cotton candy layers weave their way through cobblestoned streets of the still sleepy city and hover over open meadows in the parks. To me, it almost feels like you are walking through a movie set in the 1800s a la Sherlock Holmes or Sleepy Hollows.

Fall Morning in the Castle Park in Telc, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Visit Czech Republic in the Fall

10. Fall Photography

The Czech Republic is a great destination to take some stunning fall photos. The colorful fall foliage, foggy landscapes and historic cityscapes, you will not run out of magnificent motives. So pack your gear and head out to take some photos. You’ll see: It is pretty hard to take bad photos in this beautiful country, and even more so in the fall.

Jihlava Czech Republic - 15 Reasons why Fall is the best time to visit the Czech Republic

11. Pumpkin and Fall Festivals

Fall is the time of pumpkin, harvest, and fall festivals in Central Europe. As you drive through the Czech countryside, keep your eyes open or ask the locals about what is going on in the area in the next couple of days. Try some local specialties, browse the arts and crafts booths, and mingle with the locals.

I went to a small harvest festival just outside of Jihlava and I am pretty sure I was the only tourist there. Was it anything fancy or super special? No. But it was a great way to connect with some locals, try some pumpkin juice and get a first grasp of how locals might spend a normal Sunday afternoon in the fall.

Wild Wine Fall Foilage - Jihlava Czech Republic - Visit Czech Republic in the Fall

12. Enjoy Czech Food

I know I mentioned Czech food before. It is so good, it is worth mentioning twice though, year round. Czech food is in a class of its own. It is delicious, hearty, filling, and finger-licking good. It is the perfect comfort food and the cool, crisp fall weather make the meaty pork knuckle with sauerkraut and dumplings a little bit easier to digest.

And there are many Czech delicacies you should try. From aforementioned pork knuckles to goulash to sauerkraut soup, mushrooms and dumplings, Czech food is pure comfort food that warms your heart and your soul. Add the delicious beer and you know that the Czech Republic is a Foodie Heaven!

Fried Cheese is typical Czech Food and so delicious! Visit Czech Republic in the Fall

13. Fall Music Festivals – AghaRTA jazz festival and Strings of Autumn

While there are some exciting and huge Music Festivals happening in the Czech Republic in the summer, the fall music festivals are a little bit more classy and relaxed. The AghaRTA Jazz Festival or the Strings of Autumn are a great choice when you travel to the Czech Republic in the fall and want to enjoy some beautiful music.

Spooky night in Telc Czech Republic, a UNESCO Heritage site

14. Kids are Back in School

Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. But once the summer months are over and the kids are back in school, the tourist season slows down considerably and your visit might be just a little calmer and relaxed. July and August are the months where not only the Czech kids are on their summer break, but most of the kids in Europe and most families travel during that time. If you can, avoid this time of year, as prices are higher, there are more tourists and you’ll need to book everything well in advance.

Beautiful Fall Foliage in the Castle Park in Telc, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Visit Czech Republic in the Fall

15. Czech Beer tastes Delicious

And finally, the most important reason to visit the Czech Republic: Czech Beer! No, just kidding. But it is delicious. On my recent trip, I was lucky to not only sample copious amounts of the hoppy liquid but also visit the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Beer is the Nation’s drink of choice. There are not just the original big breweries like Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, and Budweiser (the original Czech Brewery) but many small Craft Beer Breweries or Brew Pubs that also make amazing beer. Try them! Na Zdraví!

Fall is the Best time to visit Czech Republic - Pilsner Urquell Brewery Pilsen Czech Republic

Reasons to Visit Czech Republic in the Fall was written by Maria Haase – Editor at

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to Czech TourismAmazing Places, Buddha Bar Hotel PragueVisit PilsenRegion Vysocina for making this trip possible and inviting me to explore your beautiful country. I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to visit Czech Republic soon again!

Reasons to Visit Czech Republic in the Fall – Pin for later:

15 Reasons why Fall is the best time to visit the Czech Republic - Plan your trip to Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic in the Fall!

Josy A

Saturday 9th of December 2017

You convinced me! This all looks stunning! :D


Saturday 9th of December 2017

I was already pretty convinced that autumn is the best time to visit Europe in general, but this put me over the top. I love traveling on shoulder season and may need to make Prague my next choice! Love your photos and the reason of the pumpkin festival alone is good enough for me haha.


Saturday 9th of December 2017

Sure looks beautiful in autumn! I went in the summer and it sure was busy with all the other tourists!


Friday 8th of December 2017

I've had chance to visit only Prague and I loved it. I can only imagine how it looks under the beautiful fall colours.

Aitza B

Friday 8th of December 2017

Growing up in a tourist state, I quickly learnt off season is the best time to visit. If for nothing but the photography I’m looking forward to visiting Prague one autumn

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