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Discover the 30 Best Day Trips From Prague

Explore the 30 Best Day Trips From Prague


You know what is a shame? Most people, who visit the Czech Republic, only stay in Prague. Over 90% to be exact. Prague is an amazing city, don’t get me wrong, but it is crowded, and expensive (compared to the rest of the country), and there are so many places that are just as gorgeous but without some of the less desirable points that Prague has.

I travel to the Czech Republic quite frequently and have explored a few corners of this stunning country, but to give you even more ideas of the best day trips from Prague, I have teamed up with a bunch of other Travel Bloggers, who recommend their favorite day trips from Prague.

Of course, a day trip can only give you a taste of the place you are visiting, so if your Czech Republic itinerary allows, I highly recommend you spend the night and explore the towns, castles, and sights a little longer.

Picturesque Bohemian Towns – Day Trips from Prague

Fairytale Town Cesky Krumlov

by EuropeUpClose

Where to Stay in Cesky Krumlov - Best Cesky Krumlov Hotels

Cesky Krumlov is known as the Fairytale city of the Czech Republic and I have to agree, it is pretty dreamy. After Prague, it is the second most visited city in the Czech Republic and while it is the perfect Day Trip choice from Prague,

I highly recommend staying a night or two. Experience Cesky Krumlov in the morning or evening. That is when the locals come out for a stroll and you can enjoy the city.

The castle overlooking the town, the winding river below and an endless supply of cobblestone streets to wander on. While you can easily explore the city by yourself, I highly recommend a walking tour, so you can learn more about the fascinating history of Cesky Krumlov and Southern Bohemia. You can book a 2-hour private walking tour here. 


by Drifter Planet

Day Trips From Prague - Gingerbread horse and pastel colored streets of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Pardubice is the name of a city and also a region in East Bohemia. The distance between Prague and Pardubice is just a little over 100 KMs. It is perfect for a day trip from Prague because a train from Prague to Pardubice only takes around 50 – 60m minutes and there is at least one train every hour.

If you’re visiting Pardubice on a day trip, then be sure to check out the adorable little town center with pastel houses and colorful streets. Buy gingerbread because that’s the local specialty. Eat lunch in one of the lovely cafes on the side of the road. The main town has its own Chateau and castle that you can visit. Pardubice is very famous for its horses and you can visit a stud farm or the world-famous race course here.

If you have a little extra time then head to Hrad Kunětická Hora – a medieval castle on the hill for sunset. You can’t go inside but it is a lovely spot and in my opinion is prettier than the town castle. After this, you can catch your evening train back to Prague.

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Try the Original Budweiser in České Budějovice

by Amateur Traveler

Most tourists who visit České Budějovice do so as a day trip from Prague to visit the city where the original Budweiser Beer comes from. The German name for the city is Budweis and many breweries have been in České Budějovice since it was granted its town charter in 1265. The best known of these is Budweiser Budvar and you can take a Budweiser Budvar Brewery tour. The tour is about an hour long and does include a beer tasting. This single brewery that makes and exports all the beer for this brand. 

České Budějovice is a beautiful town so take some time to linger in the main square which most tourists miss. It is particularly pretty when its town hall and central fountain are lite up at night. I would also suggest a stop at nearby Hluboká which is only about 17-minute drive away and has one of the prettiest castles in the Czech Republic. Book a tour of České Budějovice, Budweis Brewery andHluboká Castle here. 

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Czech Republic’s 2nd largest City: Brno

by My Adventures Across The World

Best Day Trip from Prague = Brno Czech Republic

Brno is one of the nicest places to visit in the Czech Republic and a perfect place to visit on a day trip from Prague. Located at around 200 km and at a 2 hours drive (or 2 and a half hours train ride) from the capital, Brno has a lot to offer. Home to the largest international university in the country, it is a lively place with an international and friendly vibe.

What makes Brno worth a visit is its splendid architecture, with beautiful, grand boulevards and well-kept buildings. The Old City Council and the square below, and the nearby cathedral are some of the must-sees in the city.

Yet, the main point of interest in Brno is Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fantastic example of functionalist architecture. Built in the 1930s by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohes under orders of the Tugendhats, a prominent Jewish couple, the villa has beautiful spacious rooms with incredible views over a park and the city. It was confiscated by the Nazis during the occupation and returned to the authorities when the war ended. Since 1994 the villa became a museum, but in order to visit it is necessary to book well in advance as only guided tours are allowed. You can book your Brno Tour with Tour of Villa Tugendhat here. 

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UNESCO City Kutna Hora

by Nylon Pink TV

Best Day trips from Prague - Kutna Hora

Known as the city of silver, this ancient mining town is worth a trip. If you’ve got a day, you need to see it, it’s just one hour from Prague. You can book a day trip to Kutna Hora here.

The most intriguing part of this city is undoubtedly the “bone church”, also known as the Sedlec Ossuary. Yes, it has human bones inside. An abbot of the Sedlec monastery returned with soil from Golgotha-Jesus’ crucifixion site-and so people yearned to be buried there.

You also will love Hradek, a 700-year-old building that you can privately tour. You will want a camera so that you can take all the photos you need of this former patrician residence.

Your trip will also be complemented by a trip to the Czech Museum of Silver. You can take one of two tours-the Silver City tour, and the Journey of Silver tour. The latter focuses on geology, development of Kutna Hora, and the history of Hradek. The former is about horse gin, silver ore extraction in the medieval era, and minting.

You will enjoy walking through the mine on the second tour-I know I did. It is rather slippery, so do bring comfortable, appropriate footwear.

Once you start getting hungry, check out lunch at Dacicky. It features medieval décor and great beer, plus fine Czech food.  I really liked the selection of microbrews!

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UNESCO City & Spa Town Karlovy Vary

by To Travel Too

Top Day Trip from Prague - Karlovy Vary UNESCO Site and Spa Town Czech Republic - Best Day Trips from Prague

Karlovy Vary is the prettiest town in the Spa Triangle of the Czech Republic.  Karlovy Vary is only a couple of hours from Prague making it an easy day trip and there are many day trip offers for Karlovy Vary to choose from.

Its beauty comes from its position in a wooded valley with the River Tepla running through the middle.  Being one of the major Spa towns in the Czech Republic Karlovy Vary is not short of mineral springs, 16 in fact.  You can bathe, drink and enjoy many of the spa treatments available based on the type of mineral spring and its content.

There are several 5-star luxury hotels, top class restaurants, and unique shopping to be enjoyed whilst visiting Karlovy Vary.  One of the most famous shops in Karlovy Vary is Moser Glassware. You may even see the award made by Moser for the yearly International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary in the window.  Moser Glassware has been the ‘chosen’ glassware for the European Royal Families for over 160 years.

You must try the local Spa Wafer which is made on the spot in many of the shops and in different flavors to choose from, my favorite was hazelnut.

Karlovy Vary a very special town and well worth the day trip, or maybe even for a great weekend stay, so you can take advantage of this magnificent Spa town.

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A Bohemian Gem: Melnik 

by Passion for Hospitality

Best Day Trips from Prague - Melnik Czech Republic

Situated in Central Bohemia just 35 km from Prague, Melnik makes for a perfect day trip opportunity to discover the diverse beauty of the Czech Republic. This small picturesque town lies exactly where the two rivers — Elbe and Vltava, meet.

One of the highlights of Melnik is the beautiful Chateau and winery where you can visit the two floors of the private residence — open to the public since 1990, featuring a fantastic baroque collection. The Renaissance chateau belongs to the Lobkowicz family since 1739 and inside the residence, there is also a remarkable family tree display.

The Melnik Chateau also has a beautiful 11th-century wine cellar where you should definitely try the Ludmila white wine. Some of the wine barrels in the cellar are over 200 years old. You can book a Wine Tasting Tour to Melnik here.

For the best view of Melnik and the surroundings, climb to the top of the Church of Sts Peter & Paul which is located across from the Melnik Chateau. There are boats that go from Prague to Melnik, which is a wonderful way to reach the town. Don’t you think?

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UNESCO City Třebíč

by ET Abroad

Prague Day Trips - Třebíč UNESCO Site - Day Trips from Prague

Do you like a Romanesque style, gothic, baroque and narrow streets of old Jewish quarters? Trebic offers a little of everything. The local Jewish quarter with the synagogue and cemetery was registered on the UNESCO List in 2003, together with the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Prokop.

In Třebíč you have to see the picturesque Jewish Quarter, a maze of narrow streets and passageways with two synagogues, a school, a town hall, and a rabbinate, gathered on one side by a steep slope, on the other side of the river.

Only in Třebíč, where the Jews and Christians, neighbors of different beliefs but of the same fate, could be found the Christian basilica of St. Prokop next to of the Jewish ghetto. The basilica was built in a Romanesque style with gothic elements belonging to the gems of medieval architecture. Don’t forget to take a guided tour to synagogue and nearby house of Seligmann Bauer, where is an interesting museum about Jewish life from the first half of the 20th century.

The quarter is one of the largest Jewish quarters in Europe. It’s even so important that it’s the only Jewish monument outside the territory of Israel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Day trips from Prague often combine a visit of Třebíč and Telc, two beautiful UNESCO Sites that are well worth a visit.

Day Trip From Prague – Olomouc

by Lemonicks

Best Day Trip from Prague - Old town square Olomuc - Prague Day Trip

The town elders say, that in the second century, a Roman fort bearing the name Iuliomontium (Julius Mount) existed, about 250 km east of current day Prague.

A town was built right there and the name got transformed to Olomouc. This historic town, on the banks of the River Morava, was, in fact, the center of the Kingdom of Moravia. This is what makes it the second most significant city for history buffs, after Prague.

The most important feature of the old town is the Astronomical Clock, just like in Prague but less resplendent because the retreating German soldiers destroyed the original and Russia helped build a toned down version of the same.

We spent most of the time exploring the square with its numerous fountains, the Holy Trinity Column and the old buildings in narrow streets. Also, very near to the River Morava, there was an imposing Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, among the many churches and cathedrals.

For those interested in Museums, there are a few important ones, all in in the vicinity. There are also many intricately designed statues of Tortoises near a modern fountain called the Arion fountain, which delighted the children and the adults alike. After all the walking, this provides rest and relief before returning to Prague. 

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 UNESCO Site – Telč

There was nothing special about the town of Telč until it burnt down in the 16thcentury. It was then that the young ruler saw an opportunity to rebuild it all. He reconstructed the castle in a grand Renaissance style and gave the houses along the beautifully-colored facades.

You can still see most of this today and the old town of Telč is full of this stunning architectural design – in fact, it’s been protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It’s all contained in a relatively small area and doesn’t take long to see. But this is part of the charm. You should definitely visit the castle. But, other than that, the best things to do are wander through the streets and sit for a drink or meal in the main square.

Telč can get busy at certain times of the day with tour groups but you’ll find there are times when it gets quiet enough for you to appreciate the beauty and history. If you do want to extend your stay for more than just the day, it is very relaxed in the evening and the colours at sunset are incredible. Day trips from Prague often combine a visit of Třebíč and Telc, two beautiful UNESCO Sites that are well worth a visit.

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Nové Město nad Metují

by Live in 10 Countries

Best Day trips from Prague - Nove Mesto

Meaning new town on the Metuji River, Nové Město nad Metují is the prettiest town that many visitors never get a chance to see. It’s full of friendly locals, great food and great spots to take a photo.

It’s the perfect place to dip over the Polish border or see a slice of lovely Czech architecture, a two or three-hour bus or train from Prague. When I visited, I took an incredible balloon ride over the Hradec Kralove region, which set off from the edges of Nove Mesto and the whole area spreads out below you.

Back on the ground, there’s a town square edged with pastel-colored buildings filled – it looks lovely against the snow in the winter or in the summer you can sit in the square and try Czech tea (the best tea ever). Inside the arches that surround it, you’ll find delicious ice cream and puddings to try. It’s a great starting point.

But, the real draw is the castle at the top of town. It has a spired tower that belongs in a children’s book, sweeping gardens and inside there are regular photography exhibitions.

Take a short drive out of town and you’re at the gorgeous Stolowe Mountain National Park – the perfect way to see the natural beauty of this country.

Beer City Pilsen

by Study Hard Travel Smart

8 Day Czech Republic Itinerary: Visit Pilsen or Plzen in Czech

Pilsen is a city about 1 ½ hours away from Prague, easily accessible by public transportation.

The town is most well known for its beer, Pilsner Urquell, the first Pilsner-style beer to be created. The Pilsner Urquell brewery is the main feature of the town and is usually the first stop for visiting tourists. They run excellent tours through the brewery facilities, which culminates in a chance to taste unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from the tanks in the cellar! This Private Day trip from Prague to Pilsen includes a Beer Tasting at Pilsner Urquell and a city tour.

Aside from the brewery, there are other great reasons to visit Pilsen. The city has a very interesting history, particularly as it relates to the Second World War. Pilsen was the only city in the Czech Republic to be liberated by the Allies, specifically Patton’s 3rd Army, and this is celebrated each year in May. If you come to Pilsen around May 8, you’re likely to catch the Liberation Day Festival that features reenactments and other special activities to commemorate this historic event. Any other time of year, you can visit the Patton Memorial Museum, which is a small museum with interesting memorabilia discussing the liberation of the town. Pilsen is also home to the 2nd largest synagogue in Europe, which is now a museum.

Castle Day Trips from Prague

Hluboka Castle

by World Travel Bug

Hluboka Castle Southern Bohemia - Best Day Trips From Prague

Hluboka Castle is located in South Bohemia region of Czech Republic, about 11 km from Ceske Budejovice, which in turn is about 2 hours train ride from Prague.

Little did I know, when I was visiting this castle, that in fact, it is one of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic. However, I would say that it is true mainly for locals.

Hluboka was originally a royal castle, but in 1661 it was taken over by the Schwarzenberg family and was reconstructed in the neo-gothic way that stayed until today. The castle has been renovated 3 times since its first reconstruction. The present look is inspired in fact by the Windsor castle.

You can reach Hluboka castle in many ways, but my favorite is taking a river cruise on the Vltava river. The landscape along the way is gorgeous and at the end of the cruise you get treated with gorgeous views of the castle.

Also, if you make your way there I would recommend you stay for one night. You can book a nice 2 day Trip to Hluboka Castle from Prague here. The sunset and the blue hour at the castle are the best! And there is accommodation inside the castle park if you want to feel somehow royal for one night ;-)

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Karlstejn Castle

by Travel Geekery

Day Trips Prague - Karlstein castle and old roofs

Karlstejn Castle is located only 40 kilometers away from Prague and is one of the most popular places to go out of Prague for locals and tourists alike. You can book a day tour to Karlstejn Castle here.

The castle was built in 1348 during the reign of King Charles the IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, as his residence. He’d also had the royal treasures stored safely at the castle. It was only Charles the IV and subsequently his son Wenceslas IV who lived in the castle.

Originally built as purely Gothic, the castle was later reconstructed several times, adding Renaissance features. The rooms the kings lived in are well preserved and well worth seeing. The main magnet, though, is the gold-plated Chapel of the Holy Cross. If you want to see it, you need to get the “Exclusive” guided tour, rather than just the basic one.

Karlstejn is easily accessible from Prague. You can take a train to a village named Karlstejn and then just take a paved path uphill to reach the castle. The walk takes only about 20 minutes.

Loket Castle

by Frequent Traveller

Best Day Trips from Prague - Locket Castle - Frequent Traveller - Prague Day Trips

Looking up from the River Ohre, Loket Castle stands towering above you. Sitting on the steep granite outcrop this 12th-century Romanesque-Gothic style fortress is framed by the brightly colored buildings and onion-shaped spires of the pretty medieval town of Loket.

Today leisure boats drift quietly along the scenic waters at the foot of the castle, adding to the fairy-tale charm of this romantic setting.

At first glance, there is little to suggest Locket Castles chequered past, it’s not until you enter the castle that you discover that was used to imprison the 3-year-old future King Charles the IV, it endured countless conflicts and was used for torture.

In fact, you can visit the torture chambers and see a range of bloodthirsty tortures on display. While visiting the castle, discover the mysteries behind Loket Meteorite which has been a curiosity since it first fell to Earth in the 14th Century.

After a visit to the castle, admire the picturesque town square of Loket, with its delightful colored buildings and Holy Trinity Column it’s no wonder this town has been used in so many movies.

If you are thirsty head to the Hotel Cisar Ferdinand, relax in the pretty courtyard and try a freshly brewed beer from the adjoining Florian Brewery.

If you are visiting the Czech Republic Loket Castle shouldn’t be missed, there are a range of day tours from Prague to Loket Castle and the nearby spa town of Karlovy Vary.

Bouzov Castle

by Travel Gal Nicole

Prague Day Trips - Bouzov Castle Czech Republic

Bouzov Castle is a medieval 14th-century fortress located three hours east of Prague and makes the perfect day trip from Prague.  This castle is one of the most fairytale-like castles and has been in several Czech films.

You can tour the inside of the castle which is fully furnished with paintings, art, and custom made furniture. There is also a functional drawbridge, which visitors can see in operation at the start and end of the season. The stately interiors of the castle are furnished with antique furniture and old relics. The largest room is the Gothic Knight Hall which is impressive.  There is also a 61-meter tall watch tower which you can climb for fantastic views.

This is a beautiful place to look out at the Moravian Hills and take in the views.  This is one place you shouldn’t miss. Book your trip to Bouzov Castle and Javoricko Caves here. 

Adventure Day Trips from Prague

Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland - Day Trips from Prague

One amazing day trip from Prague is the gorgeous Bohemian Switzerland National Park filled to the brim with gorgeous lush green forest and unique rock formations. There is something for everyone to do here from short scenic walks to an even more scenic boat ride, sunset spots with sweeping views, a walk to Europe’s largest sandstone arch at Pravcicka Gate, or step through scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia that were filmed here.

Even as you drive through the small villages on your way to Bohemian Switzerland you’ll notice the unique rustic cabins and homes that are unlike the architecture anywhere else in the Czech Republic. You can even easily visit the gorgeous and scenic Bastei Bridge on the German Saxon Switzerland side easily from here. The entire area is absolutely gorgeous and worth a visit from Prague.

More than just Skiing in Liberec

by My Wanderlust

Prague Day Trips - Liberec Czech Republic - Day Trips Prague

Only an hour away from Prague you will find Liberec – a totally underrated city surrounded by beautiful mountains. While most of the people visit Liberec to go skiing, especially cross-country, the place has so much more to offer!

It’s one of those charming Central-European cities, you just need to dig a bit deeper to find the beauty. The town hall is stunning from the outside, similar to the one in Vienna, but you should definitely go inside too as the interior is just amazing – recently it was seen in the National Geography series “Genius” about Albert Einstein.

Part of the city is full of old villas and each of them is prettier than another. You might know quirky sculpture by David Cerny that can be found all over Prague – one of his works is in Liberec too, the bus stop just behind the town hall.

Make sure to take the cable car to Jested mountain to see the futuristic hotel and amazing views of the area. You can easily spend few days in Liberec but even in one day you can cover a lot and have a great day away from Prague!

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Historic Day Trips From Prague

UNESCO Site Holasovice

by Green Global Travel 

Prague Day Trips - Holasovice Houses - UNESCO Site Holasovice - Day Trips from Prague

Located about two hours south of Prague, just 16 kilometers west of České Budějovice, Holasovice is a quaint little village that makes for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Along with Horní Chrášťany, Malé Chrášťany, and Plástovice, Holasovice is one of several villages in the Czech Republic’s charming South Bohemia region that are known as exceptional examples of traditional rural baroque architecture. But it’s the only one that is currently protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with outstanding 18th- and 19th-century buildings and a ground plan that dates from the Middle Ages.

There are just 23 farmyards here, with the community laid out in a U-shape facing the village green. Each house has distinctive designs that make it unique, often including the initials of the builder and icons depicting wheat, spirals, or the eye of God. In the center of the village, there’s a small chapel, numerous carved wooden statues, and a pond containing some massive koi.

The traditional folk art of Holasovice is a beautiful representation of rural village life in the Czech Republic’s South Bohemia region. Their folk art festival is a huge annual event, drawing around 15,000 people to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll find some fine examples, as well as souvenirs available for purchase, at the village’s Visitor Center.


by Safari Nomad


Prague Day Trip - Terezín Theresienstadt - Day Trips from Prague

Terezín or Theresienstadt, a town in then German-occupied Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), was a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp used by the Nazis during the World War II.

Terezín monument, one of the most visited memorial sites in Central Europe, is dedicated to the thousands of victims of the Holocaust. It includes a complex of military buildings, spreading over 20 kilometers, with two main areas: the Large Fortress and the Small Fortress.

The Large Fortress is the town itself, where the majority of ghetto residents lived. You can walk around the streets and visit the Ghetto Museum. Through exhibitions, a cinema an a study room you will find out how was the daily life in the camp.

Another historic site is just over the Ohre River, the Small Fortress, the area that Nazis used as a prison. You will enter the main gate and see the prison barracks, isolation cells and execution grounds.

Other sites you can visit are also: the National Cemetery, the Columbarium (the ashes of the victims stored), the Jewish prayer room, the park of Terezín Children, Railway siding, The former Magdeburg Barracks (the seat of the Jewish self-government) and Memorial on the bank of the Ohře River. You can book a small group/private tour to Terezin here.


Prague Day Trips - Tabor Czech Republic
Tábor, Czech Republic is located just over an hour away from Prague, making it a perfect destination for a day trip. You can book a private transfer for up to 7 people here. Tábor holds an important place in Czech history. It was founded in 1420 by Radical Hussites known as Taborites. They were separatists from the medieval Catholic Church. As such, they needed to build a town that could be easily defended. Thus, Tábor was built on a hilltop overlooking the South Bohemian countryside.
In order to store goods & protect the local citizens, the town leaders built a system of underground tunnels beneath the town. Parts of these tunnels are now open for public tours. A visit is a highlight to any day trip to Tábor.
Additionally, Tábor has a rich cultural scene for a town of its size. There is a beer museum & a chocolate museum. The town is also home to Restaurant Goldie, which has been named not only one of the best restaurants in the area, but in the entire Czech Republic.
Visit Tábor for even just a day, and you will be tempted to stay longer. It’s a relaxing break filled with plenty of historic & cultural activities to keep you satisfied.

Historic Town Mikulov

by Eager Journeys

Day Trips from Prague - Mikulov Czechia

Because Mikulov is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Prague, it can easily be visited as a day trip or as a stop along a road trip to Vienna, Austria.

The 12th-century town, in the southern Czech Republic, is perched on the edge of the Mikulov highlands and is surrounded by vineyards. Mikulov’s most famous attraction, the Mikulov Chateau, will welcome you from the horizon even before you arrive. When you explore its exhibits, library, art collection and giant wooden wine barrel, know that Napoleon Bonaparte once walked these halls.

Wander around the historic city center, starting at the fountain (with its statue of Pomona) in the town square, followed by the 16th century U Rytiru House with its renaissance graffiti and the Romanesque church of Saint Vaclac, with its four-story renaissance tower.

Eat lunch at one of the many restaurants that radiate from the town square. While Pilsner beer is renowned across the Czech Republic, try a glass of local wine (if you’re not driving), as Mikulov is found in the center of Czech’s wine region. Better yet do a wine tasting at one of the many family-owned wine cellars or visit in autumn during the annual wine harvest festival.

Next, explore the history and heritage of the Old Jewish Quarter along a 1km tourist route with 14 stops along the way.

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Historic Spa Town Marianske Lazne

by Swedish Nomad

Best Day Trips from Prague - Marianske Lazne Czech Republic - Day Trips Prague

Marianske Lazne is also known as Marienbad. It’s a historical spa town about 2 hours away from Prague. It’s the second largest spa town in Czechia after Karlovy Vary, which is just a short drive from Marianske Lazne. You can book a day tour to Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary from Prague here.  It’s a very quiet and relaxing place, especially during the summer months. You can come here and enjoy spa treatments, eat delicious food or just go for a walk by the beautiful colonnades.

There are several hotels who offer spa treatments at reasonable prices. Perhaps the most famous one is Nove Lazne, which used to be a Spa facility where the English King Edward VII came to get well. The Spa Town of Marianske Lazne has been visited by many famous and royal people throughout the years. More recently it has opened up and been renovated into a more public place where “regular” people can also enjoy the wellbeing of spa treatments and healing therapies.

In the area you can also find different springs with mineral water, which is said to be very healthy. The curative effects of the springs were first investigated by monks in the 1500’s. So, don’t be surprised when people walk around with spa mugs and drink water directly from the tap or springs.

You can get here easily by driving from Prague, but you can also come here by bus and if you can, spend a few days to take advantage of the spa treatments.

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International Weekend or Day Trips from Prague

Salzburg, Austria

by A World To Travel

Best Weekend and Day trips from Prague - Salzburg, Austria

Although not the most immediate choice when discussing day trips from Prague, as going to Salzburg by car will take you a bit more than 4 hours one way; if you are a small group or family, we recommend hiring a private transport from Prague to Salzburg. this Austrian city with views of the Eastern Alps is well worth an early wakeup call, or even better yet, you can make it a weekend trip or stay a night or two.
And five or six hours there will suffice to enjoy its main attractions such as the  medieval and baroque buildings of the pedestrian Altstadt (Old City) on the Salzach river’s left bank, the 19th-century Neustadt (New City) on the right bank, the Hohensalzburg Fortress atop the Festungsberg hill, the Mirabell Palace and its renowned gardens – listed as a cultural heritage monument of the Historic Centre of Salzburg by Unesco, and the overall atmosphere that day in day out this city has.
Being the birthplace of Mozart, it is highly likely that visitors will encounter a series of musicians and improvised concerts on its streets and squares unless it rains. Enjoy!

Warsaw, Poland

by Travel Photo Discovery

Best 2 Day Trip from Prague - Warsaw Poland

The grand city of Warsaw in Poland is doable as a day trip or even a nice overnight visit to this wonderful city. The historic center of Warsaw has been meticulously restored to its original state and was certified in 1980. It definitely is the place to explore in the heart of the city, although there are many historic and wonderful attractions around Warsaw that are also worth exploring if you have more free time.
A visit to Warsaw by bus or train is very doable from Prague and you can see many of the attractions and main landmarks in a short day. The main things to see with a short visit include the historic old town, the Barbikan area, the Jewish Museum and Ghetto memorial, and the Warsaw palace at Plac Zamkowy.
But if you want to stay a little longer, check out more of these wonderful places to visit in Warsaw for more images and inspiration to seeing this cosmopolitan and fascinating capital city of Poland.

Leipzig, Germany

by Travellers Archive

Best Weekend or Day Trips from Prague - Leipzig

The German city Leipzig is located in Saxony and can easily be reached within 3 hours from the Czech capital Prague. Enjoy wandering along the cobblestoned alleys and soak in all the beauty that surrounds the buildings, which are true architectural highlights. Are you an art lover? Check out the area of “Feinkost”, where galleries and ateliers can be found and the open-air-cinema shows some classic movies at night.

Above all, Leipzig is full of history. Not only can you find beautiful historic churches, but also Auerbachs Keller, which is a restaurant located in a cellar. Originally opened in 1525, it got its fame through Johann Wolfgang Goethe and his Faust. You feel like a little nature? Go on a short trip to Zwenkauer See. If you are lucky, you can even go ice-skating here in winter.

Did you know that Leipzig’s Christmas market is one of the biggest in Germany? It is home to around 300 different stalls offering everything from food over drinks to winter items such as gloves and it welcomes about 2 million visitors every year. Started in the 15th century this Christmas market is definitely worth a visit – and a couple of mulled wines. So in case, you visit Prague in winter and it’s simply too cold, come to Leipzig and warm yourself up with some hot wine. And in any other cases apart from winter, you’ll get a nice insight into German history when visiting Leipzig.

Krakow, Poland

Prague Day Trips - Theater Krakow - Day Trips from Prague

Krakow is more or less five hours by bus from Prague. But it’s absolutely worth the trip. It is a city of legends and a tour will let you travel through time. Learn about the Trumpeter of St Mary’s and why the melody played every hour apparently stops in the middle. Find out what the knife means that is hanging in the market hall. And don’t forget to meet the fire-breathing dragon Krakow!

Wander the cobbled streets – narrow and wide – or visit the medieval churches. All this in the eye of a thousand years of history. No wonder that this has been one of the very first urban UNESCO World Heritage Sites ever.

The main square Rynek Glowny is not only the biggest medieval squares in Europe, but it’s also the cultural center of Krakow. This is the starting point for many tours as well as for locals to come together to have a beer.

Dresden, Germany

by Rambling Feet

If a city could ever be described as a phoenix rising from the ashes, Dresden would be it. During the Second World War, Allied bombers destroyed more than 90% of the city. While the restoration continues to this day, thankfully for us, many of the beautiful 18th-Century buildings have been rebuilt to their original designs. Trains and buses whisk you there from Prague in just over two hours or you can book an organized Day Tour to Dresden.

Dresden was an important stop on the Grand Tour of Europe that noblemen used to take. Artists, composers, and writers such as E.T.A. Hoffmann, Richard Wagner, and Sergei Rachmaninoff once lived here too. When you remember this artistic heritage as you stand on the riverbank and admire the skyline, it is easy to understand how it earned the nickname ‘Florence on the Elbe’.

Maybe it’s my imagination but you can feel the history in the air as you walk through the streets. The Frauenkirche is completely worth joining the crowds to see the beautifully-restored altar, galleries, and paintings. It’s hard to believe it was only completed in 2005. Besides this church, one won’t regret visiting any of the other historic buildings, though my favorites are the Hofkirche, the Semperoper, and the Zwinger.

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Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Slovakia - Best Day Trips from Prague - Prague Day Trips

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a charming little city that makes a great day trip from Prague. Bratislava is the only national capital that borders two countries- Austria and Hungary. It overlooks the Danube and the River Morava, making it very scenic.
We loved how Bratislava has such a laid-back vibe. It is a very romantic place to visit with its maze of cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes and pubs, and picturesque squares with colorful buildings and fountains. There are statues throughout the city that make for fun photo opportunities. Don’t miss Cumil “The Watcher”, which is Bratislava’s most photographed statue.
Bratislava Castle has been the dominant feature of the city for centuries and cannot be missed. It is perched on a hill above the Danube with its impressive Sigismund Gate dating back to the 15th century. Most of the castle burned down in 1811 and was rebuilt in the 1960’s. The castle houses the Slovak National Museum and offers a stunning panoramic view of the city.
Don’t miss Hviezdoslavovo Square, the Historic Opera House, St. Martin’s Cathedral, Michael’s Gate, Main Square, and Old Town Hall. Bratislava is small enough that you can see it in a day, especially if you book a guided tour to show you the most important sights as well as some of the hidden gems.

Görlitz, Germany

by The Nomadic Vegan

Best Day trips from Prague - Görlitz
Just a couple hours’ drive from Prague, the pretty city of Görlitz in Germany is an easy day trip from the Czech capital. Görlitz sits right on the border between Germany and Poland, so if you want to be able to say you visited three countries in one day, you can easily walk across the bridge to the Polish side.
Even if you don’t care about country counting, it’s worth doing this just for the beautiful view looking back at Görlitz from the bridge. Görlitz is the largest city in Germany to have escaped damage during World War II. This means that there are lots of buildings from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras to admire in the city’s historic core, including the Rathaus (city hall) and a number of churches and turreted towers.
One of the city’s architectural highlights is a medieval replica of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, built in the 15th century. The original Holy Sepulcher has undergone many alterations since then, so the replica in Görlitz offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the building as it looked in medieval times.
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