A Mediterranean Fish Market: The Marsaxlokk Market in Malta

A negotiation over fresh fish at the Marsaxlokk Market

On a Sunday morning in Malta, colors, sounds, and smells all fought for my attention. Walking through the traditional fish market in Marsaxlokk, a basket of rich, purple eggplants caught my eye, but soon I was distracted by a fisherman slicing off salmon steaks. Remarking on huge heads of broccoli, a crate of fish fresh from the boat was piled for display. Local ladies rushed for the ... Read Full Article

Malta Tourist Information


  The little country of Malta, a member of the European Union, consists of a series of Mediterranean islands located 90k south of Sicily, Italy. This densely populated country holds an incredible variety of attractions for visitors, from prehistoric temple ruins to art festivals to scuba diving. It’s surrounded by clear waters and is sunny most of the time—hot in summer, mild in ... Read Full Article

The Temples of Malta, Part II


The stone temples of Malta, built 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, are the oldest human-made monuments in the world. Over time they’ve partially crumbled, but the immense structures remain. Now they are protected, entrance fees are charged, and parts are off limits to the public.** Tarxien is the most recent temple (3300 BCE) and the most elaborate. Inside the entrance is the lower half of a female ... Read Full Article

Ancient Temples of Malta, Part I

grandmasters palace in Malta

  The tiny islands of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea 60 miles south of Italy, hold ancient secrets. Their temples, built 6,000 years ago, before Stonehenge, before the pyramids of Egypt, are the oldest stone monuments in the world. Who were the prehistoric people who, without metal tools or the wheel, cut slabs of rock, stood 20-ton megaliths on end, stacked them in circular walls 40 feet ... Read Full Article