The Insider’s Guide to Kaunas, Lithuania

Laisvis aleja among the linden trees as it passes through the center of Kaunas

  I arrived in Kaunas, Lithuania in the middle of an unseasonably warm week. It was still the dead of winter, but the snow pack was melting, and rain was falling. This made for a great deal of splashing and awkward puddle-hopping. The Lithuanians may have tried to warn visitors about their weather when they named their country. In Lithuanian, the word for rain is "lietus," and the ... Read Full Article

The Insider’s Guide to Vilnius, Lithuania

View from the Rotušes, or town hall, square

  If you visit Vilnius, Lithuania's capital city, make a point of visiting the Old Town as soon as possible upon arrival.  Your principal points of entry — the train station, the bus station, the airport — offer typical post-Soviet surroundings that just don't do the city justice. But if you head a bit north of any of those places in the direction of "Senamiestis" on the map, you will pass ... Read Full Article