In Dublin’s Fair City You’ll find Guinness and Beer Aplenty

The Temple Bar- the most photographed pub in the world

Faith and begorrah! Conquering Dublin’s renown Temple Bar pubs just can’t be done. To be sure, it’s not really the sort of place where you should attempt to stagger from bar to bar, slugging back a quick beer at each (although many have tried and failed). It’s more the place where you go to sit and enjoy the friendly ambience of an authentic Irish pub for an evening, before trying another on the ... Read Full Article

Exploring Inis Meain, the Lesser-known Aran Island

Some old ruins on Inis Meain

Visitors to Ireland's Aran Islands, located off the west coast from Galway, will undoubtedly know that the famous Irish comedy "Father Ted" is based on a fictional island fashioned after the smallest of the Aran Islands, Inis Oir (named Craggy Island in the television series). Likewise, the biggest of the three islands, Inis Mor, attracts the most tourists for its remarkable stone fortress, Dun ... Read Full Article

Ireland’s Ancient Burial Mounds

White quartz brought by pilgrims

Older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza! My passion for archeology spikes with the thought of seeing 5,000 year-old-tombs! My husband Rick is a willing participant as we point our rental car away from Dublin towards the vast area of Brú na Bóinne. This complex Megalithic site in County Meath, Ireland is known for its three major tombs - Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth (together deemed a UNESCO ... Read Full Article

How Would You Like Your Shamrock? Ask the Ravenous Traveler

Drinking Guinness by BitchBuzz

“How would you like your shamrock,” asked the bartender. It was my first trip to Ireland. I’d ordered a Guinness; I was seventeen; and I had no idea what he was talking about—confused as much by his thick Irish accent as by the question. “How would you like your shamrock,” he asked again. After receiving another blank stare, the bartender shook his head and handed me a perfectly poured Guinness ... Read Full Article

Sláinte! A Visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin


Guinness and Ireland are inextricably linked and no visit to Dublin is complete without a tour of the famous brewery on St James’s Gate. Only a twenty minute walk from the city center, this historic factory has been brewing Guinness on the site since 1759; though, the origin of the current building is much more recent. I didn’t know what to expect from a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. I thought ... Read Full Article

Glendalough Valley in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland

Celtic Cross II

The monastic settlement of the Glendalough Valley in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains is one of the most beautiful and haunting places in Ireland. And, it’s a bit surprising that this isolated area is not far from Dublin, one of Europe’s busiest metropolises. The untouched wilderness of the Glendalough Valley, with its ancient stone buildings, down to earth locals, and circuitous route (there is ... Read Full Article

24(ish) Hours In Cork

View In Cork Neighborhood

Never have I felt closer to home in a foreign land than when I traveled to Ireland's Cork (city). The industrial heart of southern Ireland is practically a reflection of my American Rust Belt home, Cleveland. Yet when my fellow travelers, Vic and Rob, and I decided to visit Cork, we did so on a whim. This whim was the result of a conversation on what cities we wanted to visit while in ... Read Full Article

Dunluce Castle: Northern Ireland’s most Stunning Ruin

Dunluce and Ocean

  Dunluce Castle was an accidental destination on my travels to Northern Ireland. I was on my way into Portstewart, County Antrim when I caught sight of this magnificent ruin shimmering in the last glow of sunlight. The castle is carved into a rocky promontory, so that the cliffs around the castle drop off straight into the ocean. The sea-grass and rocks are slippery from the ... Read Full Article

Visit Gardens in the UK While Keeping the Non-Gardener Happy

Falkland Palace

  Compatible traveling companions do not necessarily share every interest, but it can be trying to spend your precious holidays being dragged around to boring places. You may assume that you have to go golfing even though you read a notice about the Elizabethan doll exhibit at a village museum. You may try to ignore those eyes rolling when you suggest a visit to one more cathedral. But ... Read Full Article

The Belfast Murals: Portrait of a City Divided

‘No More’ Mural at Kenilworth Place off Newtonards Road.  This mural is a recent development based on two real-life individuals, a boy from East Belfast (Protestant) holding hands with a girl from Short Strand (Catholic).  The Newtonards-Short Strand area was the site of the major riot of June 2011

Northern Ireland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful places. Blessed with a stunning coastline and a culture continually voted one of ‘the world’s friendliest’, this small country (of only 6 counties) should be on the must-visit list of every traveler who longs to experience genuine hospitality and a more relaxed way of life. Northern Ireland’s capital city of Belfast, however, ... Read Full Article