Where to Find Scandinavia’s Unique Hotels

The warm lit igloos of Kakslauttanen, one of Scandanavia's most unique hotels

Lets take a look at a few of Scandinavia's unique hotels. Accommodation across the world has come a long way in recent decades: with the rise of poshtels, flashpackers and Air B’nBs; the diversity of accommodations for travellers has never been greater. Sure, the commonplace hotel continues to provide, but others have embraced the shifting industry by transforming their product and carving out ... Read Full Article

Twenty-four Hours in Helsinki, Finland

Esplanadi: locals relaxing in the park

Helsinki, Finland is an easy city to love. From cutting-edge art museums and historical sights to a vibrant foodie scene and shopping galore, Helsinki has more than enough to keep travelers enthralled. The soulful, friendly locals are another reason to visit too. Unabashedly original with an eclectic, trend-setting style all its own, a trip to Helsinki could be all about the fashion-savvy ... Read Full Article

A Family Wonderland at Helsinki’s Linnanmaki

Linnanmaki Park Map

  Linnanmäki, a free-entry amusement park inside Helsinki, Finland is a wonderland for small children with some nice surprises for adults as well. We came to Linnanmäki, as many tourists do, for the wooden roller coaster: Vuoristorata. The name translates to roller coaster in Finnish (literally mountain track), which is not due to lack of imagination but rather a sign of the coaster’s ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Helsinki

Best Western Premier Hotel Katajanokka

  The capital of Finland, Helsinki, offers a comprehensive selection of ‘where to stay’ options, and the following list includes hotels at every level of luxury and value. In general, prepare for higher-than-usual prices throughout Finnland, and note; when choosing where to stay in Helsinki, the city’s most important sights are located in the area surrounding Senate Square. As a result, ... Read Full Article

Hiking into Finland’s Natural Beauty at Nuuksio National Park

Walking on  Sphagnum Moss

I like hiking, though I’m not a Survivor-level flint and tinder type of hiker. Instead, I enjoy the walk-through-the-woods-and-admire-the-scenery type of hiking. So when my brother told me that the  Nuuksio National Park, where I could see the natural beauty of Finland, was less than an hour from Helsinki, I was excited, but unprepared. I hadn’t packed for hiking. So I wore tennis shoes and jeans ... Read Full Article

Finland Tourist Information


Finland is a highly developed nation with a tiny population and some of the most pristine landscape in Europe. Some of the best things to do here are hike through the national parks, jump into a spa or sauna or watch the northern lights dance in Lapland. The capital, Helsinki, is one of the safest and most convenient cities in the world and the small towns and cities outside of Helsinki are ... Read Full Article

A Visit to Finland’s Santa Claus Village

Finland-entrance-to- Santa's- home

If you’re anything like me - single, with no young kids, and not 10 years old myself - then you might share my reluctance to admit any great excitement for Christmas. There’s something embarrassing about feeling giddy at the first sign of peppermint, and people look at you like you’re crazy if you sing along to carols in shops. Truth is, Christmas is for kids and most adults are proud to be ... Read Full Article

Three Cheers for Green Helsinki, Finland!

helsinki theater-1

In 2005, Finland was rated the #1 environmentally sustainable country in the world. While old Finish traditions mix with the latest contemporary trends to push the city into the next millennium, the people of Finland deserve a pat on the back for knowing it is their responsibility to protect their environment and keep Finland green for the next generation. Finland’s capital,"green" Helsinki, is ... Read Full Article

Turku: More than Finland’s First City

Medieval Turku

Turku, Finland's "First City", dates back to 1280 when Swedish, Danish and Finnish merchants met 0n Finland's southwest coast at the mouth of the Aura River to trade goods. Over time Turku needed a cathedral (consecrated in 1300) and a bishop to govern the unruly heathens attracted by the marketplace. This region, Finland Proper, was the heart of the country in terms of its wealth, political power ... Read Full Article

Oulu, Finland’s Air Guitar and Other Summer Festivals


Tiny Oulu, in northern Finland, might never have come to your attention, unless you happen to be an avid hiker and kayaker heading north on the west Finland coast. But a dedicated group of artists and pranksters have ensured that Oulu will make a disproportionate impact on the music and cultural world. First and foremost would be the Air Guitar World Championships that began as a lark, but have ... Read Full Article