Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach: a Study in Contrasts

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  Just a few miles from Nesebar lies Bulgaria’s most popular and much advertised seaside resort: Sunny Beach. A summer destination much favored by locals, Russians and many other Europeans who  come in search of sand, sunshine and anything else usually associated with Spain’s Costa del Sol but at much more affordable prices. After thoroughly enjoying Nesebar, I hopped in my little ... Read Full Article

Nesebar: Bulgaria’s Gem on the Black Sea


  Just what was it that brought me to Nesebar, Bulgaria? Well, for one, I love the Black Sea. I caught my first glimpse of the Black Sea when visiting Turkey. A trip to the towns of Amasya and Samsun revealed a surprisingly beautiful landscape, with dense, green forests, pastures, poppy fields, and apple orchards strung along the shore line of a sea which was anything but black. Where, I ... Read Full Article

Bulgaria Tourist Information


Bulgaria is an ancient nation situated along the Black Sea to the east, Romania to the north, Turkey and Greece to the south, and Serbia and Macedonia to the west. The original Bulgars and Slavs migrated to present-day Bulgaria more than 2000 years ago and established themselves as a major power in southeast Europe. For hundreds of years, Bulgaria vied with the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the ... Read Full Article

Bulgaria’s Rila Monastery


Spring is a wonderful time to see Rila Monastery, a UNESCO Heritage site and a place that not only tops any must-see list in the Balkans but is held dearly in the Bulgarian national consciousness. It was built by an order led by Ivan Rilski, a 10th-century hermit, and became a sanctuary for Bulgarian culture through 500 years of Ottoman rule that lasted until the late 19th century. After having ... Read Full Article