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Guide to Rome’s Outdoor Markets

  Some of the best deals in Rome can be found in the beautiful outdoor markets. Located in timeless settings on ancient streets and in stunning piazzas, the markets offer every kind of merchandise imaginable, from immaculate floral arangments and high-quality produce to inexpensive clothes, shoes, and antiques. I first visited the markets as a …

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Rome’s Fifth-Quarter Meats

  When I first heard the phrase “fifth quarter meats,” I asked: What are fifth quarter meats, and how can you get five out of four? The answer to this latter question illuminates the history of Rome’s unique style of cooking. The first quarter of a butchered animal was given to the nobles, the second …

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The Roma Pass: Skipping the Tourist Lines in Rome

Insider Tip: The Roma Pass How to Save Time and Money with the Roma Pass The Roma Pass was once a little-known trick of sophisticated travelers, but it has now become a must-have for anyone visiting Rome for the first time, especially during peak season. It saves you time and money and makes it easy …

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Enjoy a Cooking Class in Italy

Italy is synonymous with good wine and good food, so why not take a cooking class in Italy? Regional specialties vary – from bistecca alla fiorentina in Tuscany to pizza in Naples. No matter where your travels take you in Italy, you’ll find a cooking school where you can learn to cook the area’s traditional …

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