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Scoping Out Florence Markets

Any Florence travel plan should include trips to the myriad of local markets; there is one for every taste and pocketbook. Arrive early to have first and best choice at one of your favorite Florence markets! Florence is alive with markets, day in and day-out you will find several Florence markets ready for you to …

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Markets in Tuscany, Italy

One of the joys of traveling to Tuscany is the change to visit the markets held in multiple cities and little towns. There is a market held every day of the week somewhere, and many of the people travel from town to town displaying their wares or selling their home-grown vegetables and fruits. Tuscany Markets …

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Captivating Castles in Spain

Spain is home to more than 2,000 castles, exhibiting the varied cultural influences from throughout the country’s history. Though the castles are scattered throughout the country, the largest concentration is in Castile. A number of these castles were built in the 10th and 11th centuries when Moors and Christians were at war and towns were …

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