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Serbian Rakija: A Strong Drink With Good Spirit

A Stiff Drink With A Good Soul – Serbian Rakija In the heart of the former Yugoslavia lies an old tradition still quite unknown to the rest of the world: rakija (pronounced RA KEE YA). Rakija is the Serbo-Croatian name given to an alcoholic drink made from the distillation of fermented fruit. It is a …

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Exploring Zagreb, Crotia’s Old Town

Visitors to the Croatian capital are often steered in the direction of Zagreb’s historic core. Locally known as Gornji Grad (Upper Town), the old town combines the twin settlements of Gradec and Kaptol and is located just a few minutes from the city’s main street, Illica. It is a throwback to another era, one marked by architectural brilliance and …

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Ljubljana: Slovenia’s Enchanting Capital

  Imagine a perfect little pocket sized nation, green as the greenest hills you have ever seen and ruled benevolently from a castle perched on a hill. If you happen to stumble and trip into Slovenia on your way from Austria to Italy or down to Croatia, you will indeed have found it. Slovenia is …

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Europe’s Best River Cruises

Cruising in Europe doesn’t mean you are limited to the ocean on large mega-ships. River cruises are a great way to see a variety of locations, without the hassle of repeatedly packing and unpacking or moving from place to place. And unlike ships that cruise the seas, river boats tend to be much smaller and …

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About Us

Welcome to EuropeUpClose. Let us take you away to this fascinating continent. Depending on who you ask, there are 26 to 51 countries and cultures that share this common landmass. From Iceland to Belarus, Italy to Greenland, Europe is a continent of contrasts, and with so vastly different cultures, it will never get boring to …

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