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Paris Cemeteries: Strolling Among the Stars

Visiting Paris’ cemeteries may not be your idea of having fun. However, if you are truly in love with the City of Light, you have every reason to walk through the gates of one of the city’s 14 intra-muros sites. The Père Lachaise, Montmartre and Montparnasse cemeteries figure among the most prestigious in Paris and France. Each one is a lesson in …

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For Shakespeare & Co., All’s Well in Paris

  Paris’ world-famed bookstore, Shakespeare & Co., went through some rough times in earlier days, but all’s well that ends well. The book-filled store at 37 Rue Bûcherie, a few steps from the Seine River, Ile de la Cité and Notre Dame Cathedral, is going strong, and represents a significant piece of Parisian and literary history. The …

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Baron Haussmann’s Paris

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve seen the work of Baron Haussmann. You may not have even known you were looking at it.  It’s hard to miss, because it permeates the entire city, well, it is the city.  Most city tours of Paris will at least mention Haussmann. To tell you the truth, for a …

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