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Things to do in Beyoğlu Istanbul

Things to Do in Beyoğlu Istanbul, Turkey For the first timer, or even the consummate return visitor, Istanbul’s endless sprawl and depth can be an overwhelming experience to take in (this “Like a Local Guide to Istanbul” can help though). The history alone of this one-time Roman, Byzantinian, Latin and Ottoman capital is a colossal …

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A Day of Dining in Istanbul

  Istanbul has a gourmet history that goes far beyond its famous beverages. Ottoman royalty demanded the best in their kitchens and devoted immense resources to developing a celebrated court cuisine. Istanbul was the hinge of the Spice Route, connecting caravans from Asia with European palates. Bridging the continents, Istanbul developed a cuisine that combines Mediterranean and Middle …

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Where to Stay in Istanbul

The hotels in Istanbul, Turkey come in a wide variety of styles and prices, and it isn’t difficult, when choosing where to stay, to book a hotel in the historic districts of Sultanahmet and Sirkeci. In choosing these ‘where to stay’ options, we gave priority to centrally located hotels with free WiFi. Our ‘where to stay’ …

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A Guide to Food in Istanbul

A visit to Turkey’s largest city can easily be centered on all the great foodstuffs Istanbul has to offer. Come with an appetite. Turkish cuisine combines influences from the Balkans, Middle East, and most recently the Ottoman Empire. It is incredibly fresh, simultaneously meat-centric and vegetarian friendly. Istanbul offers many of the standards of the Turkish …

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Enchanting Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It straddles not only two continents, but two cultures as well. Home to three successive empires over the years – Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman – it’s a delightful mishmash of old and new where you can wander ancient streets and then check out the latest …

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