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Best Pubs in Western and Central Europe (well…some of them!)

Usually, the thought of a tasty, ice cold brew at the end of a long trek is what keeps even the most intrepid traveler fueled and focused when life on the road gets a little hard going. Thankfully, pretty much everywhere you go in Europe you’re up to your waist in world-class brew, and better …

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Follow Brussels’ Many Trails

Apart from its famous mussels and frites, chocolates and waffles, Brussels, Belgium offers a range of attractions that many visitors may fail to fully enjoy. One way to discover the “European Village,” as it is officially nicknamed, is through its trails. The Green Trail For visitors and residents alike, there are many alternatives to driving a car …

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Brussels’ Futuristic Atomium

When you’re driving on the outskirts of Brussels, you can’t help but see the Atomium structure. A huge, futuristic design, featuring nine large silver spheres and connecting tubes, it dominates the skyline. It was originally designed and built by engineer Andre Waterkeyn to represent Belgium at the 1958 Universal Exhibition and now houses an exhibition …

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Impressions of Leuven, Belgium

Most of my visit to Leuven was in the evening, so it was a mood-oriented experience. On a long walk through the blue Leuven dusk, the architecture stood out against the sky in an almost fantastical way. The incredible Gothic Town Hall in the Great Market Square cut an intricate silhouette against the sky, and …

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