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Where to Stay in Bordeaux

  One of France’s larger cities, Bordeaux offers a great selection of ‘where to stay’ options, from five-star hotels to family-friendly B&Bs imbued with Bordeaux’s wine-culture style. Whereas in many areas of France, you cannot find truly luxurious accommodations worthy of the five-star designation, Bordeaux offers a solid selection, and the following list of ‘where …

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Dangerous Chateau Castelnaud, in France’s Dordogne Valley

  Humans have been developing ingenious ways of killing each other for millennia. Some weapons are simple and brutal while others show a horrifying creativity, but eventually all become quaint museum artifacts. Such are the exhibits in Chateau Castelnaud, a 13th-century fortress high above the Dordogne valley, in France’s Périgord region, now a privately owned museum of …

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Caves of Southwest France

The ancient paintings that are found on cave walls throughout the world could be “the greatest art museum on the planet,” according to the noted French prehistorian Jean Clottes. The richest trove of prehistoric drawings and carvings, some dating back 35,000 years, is in the limestone caves of southwestern France. After visiting several caves, I’m …

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Enjoying the Southwest Region of France

  From rolling forests to surfers dream beaches, from spectacular caves to towering gorges; the Southwest’s countryside appeal makes it a terrific spot for active, adventurous travelers. Offering ample opportunities for biking, hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding, this region has it all. With so many off-road retreats, Southwest France comes with a caveat: take …

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