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Sea Sports and Culture in Colorful Collioure, France

Collioure, France is a colorful little Mediterranean fishing village located just 15 miles from the border with Spain at the foot of the Pyranees. Collioure’s early inhabitants were Phoenicians, Romans, and Greek sailors, which along with the influence of its Spanish neighbors, gives it its own Catalan culture.

The natural beauty of this town drew artists from many genres. Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Dufy, Chagall, Marquet, and many painters immortalized the small Catalan harbor in their works.

For active visitors, Collioure offers hiking, climbing, skin diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sea kayaking, horseback riding, and much more!

Collioure Sights and Attractions

The Château Royal (Royal Palace)
The Château Royal was built on Roman foundations and is set in the center of Collioure. Most of the castle was built during the reign of the Counts of Roussillon and Kings of Aragon between 1376 and 1344. After that, the Majorcan court lived in the castle. It was then occupied until 1642 by the Spanish, when it was finally recaptured by the French.

Le Fort Saint Elme XVI
Fort Saint Elme XVI was built in 1552 by Spain’s King Charles V. It was built on a hill, which towers over Collioure and Port-Vendres. It was the main base of the coastal defense system, but in 1913 the fort was sold to a private party. Guided tours are available.

La Tour de Madeloc XIII
The tower of Madeloc XIII is situated 2100 ft above sea level, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Collioure lowlands and the coast of Roussillon. The tower was originally used for supervising the sea and the Spanish coast, but it is used for broadcasting television.

Notre Dame des Anges
The extraordinary building of Notre Dame des Anges was done in stages. Its foundations were built in the sea and the belfry was built during the Middle Age and used as a warning tower for the harbor of Collioure. In 1684, today’s nave was added. A new church was built in a Mediterranean Gothic style, and although it appears to be very austere from outside, the unusual interior is extremely rich architecturally. The wooden altarpiece of the high altar was carved and covered with gold leaf by Catalan artist Joseph Sunyer. In 1818, the belfry was given its characteristic dome and thus received its final appearance, a Collioure landmark.

Cloître du Couvent des Dominicains XIV
The cloister adjoining the Dominican church is used today for the winegrower’s association.

Modern Art Museum
The Museum of Modern Art in Collioure was founded by Jean Peské in 1930. And in the 1980’s the Collioure people acquired and restored Gaston Pam’s property so that exhibitions could be held there. Since then, the exhibitions of contemporary artists have been promoted by the city of Collioure

Fauvisme Path (Le Chemin du Fauvisme)
In 1905 Henri Matisse and André Derain moved to Collioure. And since 1994, ”Le chemin du Fauvisme” has used the works of these two artists to remind us of their presence in this small Catalan harbor. On the path you can admire twenty reproductions of Matisse’s and Derain’s works exactly where these two masters of Fauvism painted the originals earlier this century.
Espace Fauve
Avenue Camille Pelletan
66190 Collioure
Tel: 04 68 98 07 16.

Market Days
Wednesday and Sunday mornings

Collioure Hotels

Hotel Les Templiers
Decorated in the Catalan style, this charming hotel is located in the center of town. It offers air conditioning, WiFi, flat screened TVs and an elevator. The Hotel les Templiers is a family-run hotel decorated with hundreds of pieces of art, collected over generations.

Hotel Casa Pairal
Luxurious hotel in an old catalan building: a genuine oasis of peace and comfort in the picturesque center of Collioure. Have a rest in the old park or around the swimming-pool. A unique site just steps from the port and beach.

Collioure Restaurants

Les Templiers
Part of the family-run Hotel les Templiers, this gastronomic restaurant serves specialty Catalan dishes prepared with care.

Le 5eme Peche
This Asian- Mediterranean fusion restaurant is new and is taking Collioure by storm.
18 Rue Fraternatie
Tel : 04 68 98 09 76

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