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Holiday Gifts for Travelers: 2016 Edition

Its that time of year again when we wrack our brains looking for those perfect gifts for travelers in our life. As travelers ourselves, we  are always on the look-out for new gadgets and travel items that make our travels easier. And, we are also fans of books that whet our appetites when we are searching for new destinations and new travel adventures. Travel clothes are also a hit with me. I tend to enjoy adding a thing or two to my travel wardrobe each trip. Well, this year we have some sure winners for your lucky travelers, or, maybe even yourself.

Gifts for Travelers

Only In…Guides

Travel books are welcome gifts for travelers

Only in Edinburgh Guide

New for this year is the Only in Edinburgh edition, which offers information such as where to find obscure, historical remnants and more contemporary historical sights such as the cafes and tea shops where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series. Her favorite cafe was The Elephant House at 21 George IV Bridge (EH1). The author, Duncan J.D. Smith, also reveals such nuggets as the story of Edinburgh’s Jewish community and where to find the Jewish cemetery. Now, if you aren’t going to Edinburgh, rest assured that Mr. Smith has you covered with guides for: Paris, Zurich, Budapest, Berlin, Prague, Hamburg , Vienna, Munich, London and Cologne.
Only in Edinburgh: A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners & Unusual Objects (Only in… Guides)

Its a Shoe-in

Common Ground logo

Common Ground logo

Common Ground Shoes, wonderful gifts for travelers

See the symbolism of Gun Violence

I am talking about my new, favorite Common Ground shoes. They are perfect for travel because not only are they comfortable and look great, they make a statement. The idea behind ‘Common Ground’  footwear is for the shoes to create a starting point for a discussion. Looking at the designs, you will see how that can occur.

Mine are all black, so they go with everything, and they stand for Progress…choosing the Common Ground. But there are other shoes that make a louder statement.

For instance, I like the Gender Equality collection. With a profile of a man on one shoe and a woman on the other, it shows we are all pieces of the same. The Gun Violence collection has a graphic that shows guns, an equality scale and other symbols that will catch your eye and create interest. If you have a cause that interests you, Common Ground shoes can help you start the conversation. You will also find the Marriage Equality and Immigration collections on their website.

Travel Diaries

A Travel Diary is one of many gifts for travelers

Give a voucher for someone to make their own Travel Diary

Travel diary is one of the best gifts for travelers

Document your journey

Back in the day, I took loads of photos from my travels, bought a scrapbook and made a travel remembrance book. I still have them all. But, why go to all that work, especially now that I almost never make prints of my digital photos. I’ve made other on-line books, but none of the apps are as comprehensive or travel-centric as Travel Diaries. It is free to get started, but printing out the book will cost a base price of $19.47 for a 40 page soft-cover book, plus mailing fees. The price then rises on the basis of the number of pages and the type of cover you choose. I did a test tryout on the site and am excited to use it on our next trip to Paris.

Charge ahead

Smartphone charger a great git for travelers

Anker Smartphone charger

Did you ever run out of juice on your smart phone while in the middle of taking a photo? All those photos you could no longer take is something you may regret forever. I know, it has happened to me. But not any longer. I bought a spare charger to take along with me the next time I travel. Its the Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries, Ultra-Compact, High-speed Charging Technology Power Bank for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More


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