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Guide to Neapolitan-Style Pizza


Neapolitan-style pizza has been heralded the world over for being the true pizza, however, those who’ve been to Naples know that no two pizzaioli (pizza chefs) make the same pizza. In short, there is no one authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, though many will argue otherwise. To discover which pizzaiolo’s pizza is your favorite, there’s no other way than by visiting Naples. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Some pizza chefs in Naples believe that there are only two kinds of pizza: Margarita and Marinara. A marinara pizza, put simply, is dough, garlic, and sauce; and a Margarita pizza is dough, sauce, and cheese. While this doesn’t do much for the Hawaii-style pizza lover, don’t let the simplicity fool you; these are the makings of the best pizzas on earth.

da-micheles-wood-fired-brick-ovenIn Naples, two restaurants are world-recognized for creating very good Neapolitan-style pizzas. It’s strange, especially when you consider that Naples is home to almost one million people, that the restaurants are located across the street from one another. Da Michele has been owned and operated by the same family for over 150 years and has been written about in numerous books, including Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. Da Michele’s menu features two types of pizza only, the marinara and the margarita. You can order the margarita with double cheese, called doppia mozzarella. A pizza with doppia mozzarella costs 4.50 euro.

pizza-at-da-micheleWhen I first entered the restaurant I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone, from little kids to grandmothers, were eating pizzas that were well over 12 inches in diameter. When my girlfriend Kristin and I sat down, we quickly discussed whether we would share a pizza or each get our own. We figured, since everyone else was doing it, that we’d get our own pizzas. We were soon glad that we did; the dough is very thin so the pizzas are not too heavy. That first bite of Neapolitan-style pizza is on my top 10 best life-experiences, and Kristin and I easily finished our pizzas.

pizza-at-trionanAcross the street is Trianon Restaurant, whose menu offers a wider selection and whose traditional margarita pizza is completely different from that of Da Michele. At Trianon, the margarita comes with sliced, DOC-certified tomatoes rather than sauce. Also, Trianon uses the decadent buffalo mozzarella while Da Michele uses fior di latte d’Agerola, a cow’s milk cheese made in a similar style to mozzarella. Trianon’s pizza is also amazing, and fans of each restaurant have argued over which is the better pizza for decades.

Beyond these two pizzerias in Naples, there are plenty of other places to get a good pizza. I definitely recommend visiting Da Michele or Trianon first, and then strike out on your own. Da Michele and Trianon can’t be the only pizzerias in Naples worth talking about, so go out and find your favorite.

Written by Mattie Bamman the Ravenous Traveler for

tamara pollak

Thursday 26th of November 2009

my daughter is a nanny in naples torre del grecco should i visit lots to see sardinia sicily ichia i have been to cinque terra milan rome is it not too cold help

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