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Getting Around Once You Get To Europe

Getting Around Once You Get To Europe

Ok, you have made your airline ticket reservations and  your hotel reservations, but once you get to your destination, how do you get around? We have  some good answers for you below. Even if you plan to just stay in one city, you need to know how to get there from the airport and how to get around once you are there. We can also help if you plan to travel from country to country. If we haven’t answered your questions below, just send us an email or make a comment to this post, and we’ll get right back to you.


Getting To The City From The Airport

Once there, how do you plan to get into the city? There are generally trains or buses that take you into the city from the airport at reasonable prices. You will find that Taxi’s are the most expensive, especially when the airport is a great distance from the city. I have found that the best way to determine which option is best is to go to the website of the airport into which you are flying. Those websites always offer information on the options for getting to the city. Here are just a few of the most popular airport’s websites for travelers from the USA

The Roissy bus at CDG

Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Rome (ROM), Milan (MXP), London Heathrow (LHR),
London Gatwick (LGW), Frankfurt ( FRA), Dublin (DUB), Madrid (MAD)

Traveling within the City

Most large cities in Europe have a great subway system, Light rail or bus system. I think that getting around on the same mode of transportation as the residents do is an adventure and a money saver. In Paris, we take the bus or Metro, in London, the Tube. We don’t drive little mopeds in Rome, although it seems that everyone else does! We take the Rome Metro . Your hotel will give you lots of information on how to get around using public transportation.

Traveling By Plane Within Europe

If you want to travel great distances, from London to Rome for instance, flying can be the most economical way to go, or at least the fastest. There are some great low-priced carriers in Europe that can make your travels fast and easy. These are usually no-frills, but they are short flights, so you might not mind being a little cramped. Ryanair and Easyjet are a few to check out. There  are many more.

Traveling By Car in Europe

Hopefully your rental will be a bit more modern (though maybe not as cute)

Renting or leasing a car allows you to visit the rural areas that are hard to get to by rail; it also gives you the most flexibility. However, gas is expensive and most of the auto routes have tolls, so it is about the same price as traveling by rail.

Generally, traveling by car is safe and easy. But if you are traveling to the UK, there is that little problem of driving on the left side of the road, in a car with the steering wheel on the right! Believe me; it takes getting used to, but it is worth it to see all the great little towns off the beaten track.

Most American companies have car rental partners in Europe, so if you are already a preferred member of a company, you may get a good deal on your rental. There are several companies that specialize in Europe car rentals; Auto Europe and Europe by Car are two we can recommend. Leasing a car is an option if you plan to use it for three weeks or more and both Auto Europe and Europe by Car have lease options.

Traveling By Rail in Europe

fast train

Rail travel is fun and easy as well. And rail passes can save you some money. There are even rail and drive packages that offer the best of both worlds. Omio is the place to look at all the options. Here are some tips on train travel in Europe.


Now to make things even easier for you, I’ve found this neat website called Omio where you can book trains, buses, and flights all over Europe for easier, high quality, and cheaper travel. It is super easy to use and navigate through so there’s no need to be tech savvy at all.

Getting to Europe is one thing but getting around it is a whole other thing. Yes, it can be an added stress but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what we’re here for: to inspire European travel and make it a million time easier!

Written by Terri Fogarty for

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