A Christmas Market River Cruise on the Viking Baldur

The Vienna Christmas Market set in front of the Vienna City Hall

My husband Bill and I were invited to take a cruise with Viking River Cruises and decided that a Christmas Market Cruise on the Danube could be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Our 7 day cruise started in Passau, Germany and ended in Budapest, Hungary. This was our first river cruise on Viking. A few weeks before the trip, our documents arrived along with our full itinerary, ... Read Full Article

Five Movies to Watch before your Next European Vacation

Beautiful Austria

If you’re planning your next holiday in Europe but don’t know how you’ll get through the time before you leave, it’s a good idea to get settled on the couch with a travel-based film. Make some popcorn, put your comfy pants on, and indulge in a weekend movie marathon — only those shot in Europe though, of course! There have been dozens of great films set in European countries over the years, so it ... Read Full Article

The Darker Side of Vienna

Unveiled in 2008, this memorial was initiated and researched by local residents.

 Vienna is one of the world’s great cities, even though today she has somewhat the air of a vast museum. But these tourist treasures have stories, some very dark, bitter, and complex. Listen to a native son, Sigmund Freud. “Like you, I have an indomitable affection for Vienna and Austria,” the doctor wrote to a friend. “But unlike you, I know her abyss.” The more you know about ... Read Full Article

A Fashion Road Trip through Eastern Europe

Beautiful fashions at 7tm

Americans love road trips. Americans love shopping. So, it seemed only natural that we fashionistas would combine our two favorite pastimes and plan a mini road trip through Eastern Europe, all in the name of shopping. The plan was to start in Prague, travel through the Czech Republic into Austria, then Slovakia and end up in Budapest. As usual, we wanted first class accommodations ... Read Full Article

An Expat Returns to Vienna


Vienna is one of the world’s great tourist destinations, and the more than five million visitors expected this year prove the point. But locals and resident expats know a few secrets these tourist hordes do not. I once worked at the American International School (AIS) for two years, and on a return trip two decades later, discovered that some tourist tricks I’d learned still hold true. These ... Read Full Article

Visit Vienna, Austria’s Treasure

St Stephans Cathedral

Vienna is Austria's treasure, filled with historical sights and modern masterpieces; it is a perfect blend of old and new, offering visitors a full cultural, historical and visual experience. The old quarter of Vienna is a wonderfully walkable area, but you can also take a streetcar ride (Line 1 or 2) on the Ringstrasse that circles the city; you will see beautiful architectural treasures and a ... Read Full Article

Waltz Your Way into the New Year in Vienna, Austria

Vienna Philharmonic

  There are plenty of ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vienna, Austria and its never to early to start planning next years extravaganza. If you’re lucky enough to be in the land of the Blue Danube next  New Year’s Eve and Day, here are some tempting options for ringing it in right. Celebrate in the Old City Vienna’s old city is where you’ll find the party on New Year’s ... Read Full Article

Tracing Vienna’s Musical Heritage


  Every city has its own personality: New York - the stiletto socialite, flitting easily between groups; Berlin - the punk clutching her beer and talking philosophy; Florence - the museum board member with a big hat and a glass of good Chianti. Hand in hand with these characters come the strengths that define them: Berlin has dance clubs and design, Florence its visual art. Vienna has ... Read Full Article

Vienna Walks Uncover Historical Surprises

imperial_palace_wein _Hofburg

  I have had a fascination for Vienna for a long time. I am half-German and half-Turkish with a dork's love for European Imperial history, so one of the events (two events actually) that I love to imagine the most are the two sieges of Vienna by the Turkish Ottoman Empire during the 17th century. The second siege in particular, involved the Polish hero Jan Sobieski and a cavalry charge ... Read Full Article

Viennese Gastronomy for the Ravenous Traveler

Wiener-Schnitzel by Kobako

Vienna is a comfort food haven, where the aroma of meat-based stews vie with those of just baked apfelstrudel. But local chefs have kicked it up a notch with New Vienna Cuisine, and what an amazing culinary history they have to work with! Viennese cuisine is some of the most exciting in Europe because it combines the eastern and western culinary traditions of an expansive empire, the Austrian ... Read Full Article