Get to Know Outdoorsy Slovenia

Savica waterfall

I have to be honest, Slovenia was not always on my list of places to visit. I simply didn't know much about the country. But, I did end up visiting Slovenia last summer and it completely blew me away. Slovenia is one of the most "outdoorsy" countries in the world, with more than half the land covered in forest, more than 7,000 kilometers of hiking trails, and home to the largest population of ... Read Full Article

First Time Visitor’s Guide to Piran, Slovenia

Piran Waterfront by OniRAM

  The first-time visitor is often drawn to Piran by beautiful photographs of a turquoise sea and Venetian-style architecture, but Piran is more than just a place to relax, it is a culinary heaven with some of the best wellness spas on earth. The town of Piran grew up on olive oil and the famous la fleur de sel sorts salt (at one time, salt was nearly as precious as gold), and other local ... Read Full Article

A Road Trip through Slovenia’s Karst Region

view from the Ferrari Gardens

  “My soul is jolly/As though it had been drinking the Karst teran,” wrote poet Oton Župancic. A karst is a landscape characterized by eroded limestone formations, and the word is derived from Slovenia’s Karst region. Located in southwest Slovenia, the Karst region, which runs alongside the Italian city of Trieste, is an uncommon mixture of rolling hills and deep valleys with patches of ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic – Slovenia’s Goriska Brda Wine Region

Goriska Brda

Sad to say goodbye to the inspiring people of Piran, I jumped in a rental car and drove north along the Italian-Slovenian border to Slovenia’s Goriska Brda wine region. As I approached the tumbling wine region, I saw people harvesting fruit in an orchard and I stopped. Tanya Krstov and her family were picking persimmons to sell to the local markets. “Did you know that Hemingway fought here,” she ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic -The Traditional Foods of Piran, Slovenia


  I’d read a lot about Piran, a coastal town just across the border in Slovenia, and wanted to sample its high quality traditional foods such as seafood, olive oil, wine, and salt. I hopped on a bus headed for Umag, a town near the Slovenian-Croatian border. The towns got smaller and smaller as the six-hour ride progressed, and the bus driver began delivering mail, as though he wanted to ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Western Balkans – Communist Hangover, Cured: Slovenia


  Visiting four Western Balkan countries—their 90’s war behind them—revealed a dynamic region less dangerous than a double-edged daffodil … a welcome wind of change. This is the first in a series of posts on the fate of Yugoslavia’s Successor States.   The Western Balkan’s state personalities were defined long before they were bound together by Tito’s version of Yugoslavia for ... Read Full Article

Adventures in the Fairy Tale Town of Bled, Slovenia


It looks like a fairy tale. Out of the lake rises a stone staircase. Step delicately over the edge of your rowboat, and mount the stairs. The little island at which you’ve docked barely has enough space for a few trees and your destination: the medieval Church of the Assumption. The solemn peal of a bell and thin iron spire are made even more dramatic by the fact that you are standing in the ... Read Full Article

Ljubljana: Slovenia’s Enchanting Capital


  Imagine a perfect little pocket sized nation, green as the greenest hills you have ever seen and ruled benevolently from a castle perched on a hill. If you happen to stumble and trip into Slovenia on your way from Austria to Italy or down to Croatia, you will indeed have found it. Slovenia is the oasis in the middle of Europe that remained filled with beautiful old towns, flowing rivers ... Read Full Article