Europe Packing Advice for Women

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With airline carry-on size allotments shrinking and checked baggage fees soaring, every little bit of luggage space counts. And, packing for a trip to Europe can be a balancing act between bringing the necessities while not using precious space for non-essentials. Our packing advice for women: sort through your must-take travel items, taking only what you will really need, while leaving what you ... Read Full Article

How to Travel with Carry-ons ONLY

Irene and RIck Butler

Whether travelling for long periods, through several countries, or just going for a week; we only travel with carry-ons. My husband Rick and I travel consecutively for many months annually, visiting a number of countries, hence numerous flights. Regardless of the length of these travel-stints (our last one entailed 25 countries in 9 months) – we take only a carry-on each. Here's how we travel with ... Read Full Article

Packing for Europe: 10 Rules of Thumb

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As usual, I am preparing for my next trip to Europe and I am determined to do a better packing job than in the past. I am following these 10 Rules of Thumb for Packing for Europe. As I think about this trip, I remember all the trips in the past where I took clothes I never wore and lugged an over-packed bag across Europe. Not this time; I am packing light! 10 Rules for Packing for ... Read Full Article

Hints for Traveling the World as a Single Woman

I have been traveling the world as a single woman for the many years. I have been to North Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the US and nearly every European country, always on my own and accumulating a wealth of experiences and insights along the way. I made mistakes and have leaned from them; honing safety skills and perfecting my accommodation choices as well as knowing what to ... Read Full Article

Stress-Free Packing Tips

Packing for a trip can be a pleasurable preliminary to the trip itself, or it can be a rushed, stressful chore. Here are some packing tips from experienced travelers that may reduce your stress. Start Early Take at least two weeks to select what you want to take. Allow enough time to shop for garments that will be needed on the trip (For example if you’re traveling in January from Anchorage ... Read Full Article

Pack Light – Travel Easy

Yes, you could probably cram everything you need for two weeks in Europe into a carry-on and save the fee many airlines now charge for checked luggage. That’s if you wear the same jeans and t-shirt you wore on the plane. Most of us need quite a bit more. However, it’s easy to get by with only one medium-sized checked bag, and in fact you’ll be a happier traveler than those who saddle themselves ... Read Full Article