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Germany’s long history can be traced through its rich array of castles and palaces that are scattered throughout the countryside. Germany’s castles span various eras and genres and most are very well preserved. All year long, castles play host to a multitude of festivals and events that capture the medieval and Renaissance cultures from ancient Prussia and Germany. Here are just a few of our favorite castles in Germany.

Albrechtsburg Castle

Built in 1525, Albrechtsburg castle was the first residence built for the Wettin family. Today visitors can view the centuries-old pottery, early Meissen porcelain, sculptures and other art exhibits.
Meissen, Saxony

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Built between 1869 and 1886 by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, this stunning fairy tale castle sits perched high on the side of the mountain range near Füssen. Neuschwanstein castle has been used as a summer home for royal friends and family including the famous composer Richard Wagner, whose piano still occupies one of the rooms.
Near Füssen, Bavaria

Imperial Castle of Nuremburg

Nuremberg Castle

This magnificent German castle is the landmark of the medieval city of Nuremberg. And Nuremberg Castle is one of the most important imperial palaces dating from the Middle Ages. During the period from 1050 to 1571 the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire stayed here at various times during their reign. The city is surrounded by a wall (5km) that has 80 towers, and there are also tunnels underground. Nuremberg is also home to many churches and ancient structures that date back to the 12th-16th centuries.
Nuremberg, Bavaria

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

The romantic town of Heidelberg boasts one of Europe’s finest castles. This 600-year-old castle lies on the Neckar River, and contains both Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture and design. Throughout the year, the castle hosts dinners, banquets balls and theatre performances, and also holds an open-air festival once a year.
Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg

Eltz Castle

Eltz Castle

Situated amidst lush woodland green, steep cliffs, and the Eltz River, Eltz Castle is one of Germany’s most resplendent castles. Looming over the Moselle Valley, the edifice is punctuated with high towers and elegant ornamentation and design. Also housed here is a stunning collection of paintings and primeval weapons.
Moselkern, Rhineland-Pfalz

No trip to Germany is complete without a visit to one of its glorious castles.

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  1. Carol Glover says

    I think Germany is a beautiful country. I work with someone who is from Koln, Germany. I live in the United States. She goes home at least once or twice a year. I think Koln has some beautiful scenery and castles. I told her she is so lucky to lived in such a beautiful place.

  2. says

    nice article, but one MAJOR mistake – almost outragous actually

    the Albrechtsburg is in Meißen (Meissen) near Dresden in (the once kingdom of) Saxony
    (Brandenburg, which becam Brandenburg-Preußen over the centuries, can be considered Saxony’s arch enemy – so please understand my fury :D)

  3. OverbyFamily says

    I think you should add to your list Wartburg in Eisenach. It is where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into English and it has a concert hall that Ludwig copied in the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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