Tip for Easy Conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit


When traveling to Europe, you will notice that all the temperatures are stated in Celsius.  Since Americans are accustomed to the Fahrenheit system,  Celsius is quite a mystery to most of us.

The Tuilleries in ParisBut, I have found an easy way to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit that is not scientifically accurate, but good enough to give me a good idea as to what the temperature will feel like.

Whatever the Celsius is, double it and add 32. That will give you an approximate Fahrenheit temperature. For instance, if Celsius is 15 degrees, you will double it (30) and add 32, giving you an approximate Fahrenheit degrees of 62.  No calculators needed!

Of course, if you want to be completely accurate, the formula is: F = (1.8 x C) + 32. So, if we use the previous example of 15 degrees Celsius, the actual degrees in Fahrenheit will be 59.

Our “cheater calculation” was certainly close enough for me; try it and it will make your calculations a snap!

Written by Terri Fogarty for EuropeUpClose.com