The Merchants of Venice – Venice Markets

There is nothing that makes you less like a tourist and more like a local than shopping at a market when in Venice. We are aware of only three major Venice Markets on the main island. Be sure to get up early to visit and buy your picnic lunch for the day.

The Rialto is the main area in Venice where markets are held, Tuesday through to Saturday there are spectacular food markets, with fruit and vegetable stalls spreading from the west of the Rialto Bridge and the Pescheria.

The Pescaria
A large and popular fish market that is held between Campo delle Beccarie and the Grand Canal has an enormous selection of fresh fish and seafood.

Via Garibaldi
At Via Garibaldi in the Castello district, you will find another lively food market on weekday mornings. Popular with both tourists and locals alike, this market offers plenty of fresh produce.

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