Dresden, Germany’s Impressive Zwinger Palace

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With so many historic structures that have been beautifully restored and reconstructed in Dresden, Germany, it is hard to divide time equally among them. But one site - The Dresdener Zwinger - deserves more recognition. The Frauenkirche may be the symbol of the city, but the Zwinger, a Baroque palace situated right in the middle of Dresden's Altstadt, is truly impressive. The palace, home to many ... Read Full Article

Dynamic Dresden

The beautiful Frauenkirche

Dresden is a city that is rebuilding itself daily. Dresden citizens  are working to make Dresden the cultural and artistic mecca it was before World War II and the dramatic firebombing of 1945 that made the city a burned out pile of rubble. Our hotel looked out at the Frauenkirche, a symbol of the spirit and tenaciousness of the citizens of Dresden. This exquisite, baroque church was, until ... Read Full Article