Zurich: Switzerland’s Little Big City of Charm and Elegance

  On a clear day, Zurich  proudly shows off its medieval squares, towering stone churches and spires, and the ever-present Limmat River. Easily explored by foot, Zurich's main sights are clustered for one mile along the banks of the placid, blue Limmat River. With a walking tour, you really get to know the winding, narrow, hilly cobblestone streets and fascinating museums, including the ... Read Full Article

Ravenous Traveler’s Wine Tasting Guide to the Thurgau Region, Switzerland

  Ah Switzerland! Your ski-resort-studded peaks and culinary treats call to us, but your price tag makes many think twice. Fortunately, culinary travelers can take solace in knowing that wine tasting in Switzerland’s Thurgau wine region—just outside of Zurich—comes at a good price, and regardless of whether or not you’re a budget traveler, the wine is top notch. Thurgau serves up a ... Read Full Article

Fondue, I Do: A Romance in the Swiss Tradition

Heart Chocolate Fondue by islandjoe

More than just delicious melted cheese, fondue offers the intoxicating aroma of wine and kirsch and the intimate experience of literally sharing a meal. Throw in dreamy views of Switzerland’s iconic Alps, and you’ve got a romantic getaway you’ll never forget. To really knock the socks off the one you love this Valentine’s Day, take a few cues from the way the Swiss do fondue. Imagine coming ... Read Full Article

Cheese, Chocolate and Wine – Three Ways to Savor Switzerland

When one thinks of the great foodie destinations of Europe; Spain, Italy, and France seem to come to mind first. But Switzerland has culinary charms of its own. In addition to the renowned cheeses of the region (which hardly resemble the hole-ridden Swiss cheese of American supermarkets), Switzerland produces some of the finest chocolate in the world and local winemakers quietly create quality ... Read Full Article

Insider’s Guide to Zurich

  The old cliché remains true: Zürich, Switzerland runs as steadily as a Swiss watch. One of the most expensive cities in the world with a quality of life to match, Zürich is best known for its theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, and up-scale shopping. The Altstadt (Old Town) neighborhood is where you’ll find it all. Visiting Zürich is a pleasure both in the winter and in the summer. Skiing ... Read Full Article

Traditional Dining in Zurich, Switzerland

Known best for it’s banks, chocolate, and cuckoo clocks, Zurich, Switzerland, has a culinary culture that is sometimes overlooked. On my last trip I asked my Swiss friends to take me out and show me the traditional cuisine of Zurich. It was so good we indulged twice, once for Weiner Schnitzel and once for Fondue. Zurich is a precise and industrious town. For example, it is quite uncommon for a ... Read Full Article

Swiss National Park: the Biggest Park in Switzerland

Switzerland, famous for its stunning landscapes, has one national park, the biggest nature preserve in the country. The Swiss National Park is in the far southeastern corner of the country, in the lovely Engadine valley at an elevation of 1400 to 3170 meters and covers 172 square kilometers. It’s about 2-1/2 hours from Zurich. The park has rivers winding through deep valleys, thick forests, ... Read Full Article