9 of Europe’s Best Funicular Railways

Funicular in Bergen

They go up, they go down, and they show a side of things you can’t get anywhere else. Sure, funicular railways might have their roots in yesteryear, but they’re still one of the most sought after attractions on the tourist trail. From heritage cars to sleek, modern cabs, Europe sports some of the most visually spectacular funicular rides on the planet. Here’s a bucket list of ten of the best ... Read Full Article

24 Hours in Zagreb

Tkalciceva Street

When I first arrived in Zagreb, Croatia, I immediately felt as though I’d stumbled onto something entirely new: a medium-sized city that had been hidden behind the closed walls of Yugoslavia until its dissolution, and then the following war for independence. I took a deep breath of the fall air and found the aroma of paprika mixed with micro-roaster coffee, and it was enough to awaken all five ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Zagreb, Croatia

Regent Esplanade Hotel

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb is an inviting city of moderate size that offers a small selection of hotels in the popular neighborhoods of Donji grad (Downtown) and Gornji Grad (Upper Town). When deciding where to stay in Zagreb, it’s useful to note that the majority of the most important sights are within walking distance of Jelacic Square. These ‘where to stay’ options are near or on Jelacic ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic – Continental Cooking in Zagreb, Croatia

For better or worse, Croatia invites comparisons. The coastal towns and the cuisine of the Dalmatian Coast and the Istrian Peninsula remind me of Italy, and Zagreb, the metropolitan capital of Croatia whose restaurants feature a Continental cooking style, reminds me of a mini-Vienna. Croatia is a young country, fully established in 1995, and perhaps this is why it’s so tempting to make ... Read Full Article

Exploring Zagreb, Crotia’s Old Town

Visitors to the Croatian capital are often steered in the direction of Zagreb’s historic core. Locally known as Gornji Grad (Upper Town), the old town combines the twin settlements of Gradec and Kaptol and is located just a few minutes from the city’s main street, Illica. It is a throwback to another era, one marked by architectural brilliance and immortal legends. Here's my Must-do list while ... Read Full Article

Rastoke, Croatia: An Old Mill Town

On bright Saturdays, or on a lazy Sunday, I like to leave Zagreb behind and explore the countryside beyond the city limits. The surroundings offer a varied selection from natural getaways, small towns and villages, - to castles and historic sites. Depending on my mood, I pick a destination and hit the road. More often than not, and especially after a tough week, I find myself at the little mill ... Read Full Article

Zagreb’s Squares: Croatian Treasures

  The easiest and most authentic way to experience Zagreb is at one of her many town squares. These little pockets across the city attract locals and tourists by the hundreds. The squares, or trgs as they are known in Croatian, are full of history, character and crowds. Some of these squares hold farmers markets, others host street performers. In the winter, Christmas markets are set up, ... Read Full Article

Zagreb: Exploring the Croatian Capital

It’s early. Church bells fill up the morning air. Trams are chugging along, cars are filing out, and at the cafés, office goers are sharing gossip over coffee. That’s Zagreb for you; it’s unhurried and always has time for kava. Zagreb is cradled between the River Sava and Mount Medvednica, and while the city doesn’t compare to the more illustrious Croatian coast, it has plenty to ... Read Full Article

In Search of Croatia’s First Wine Hotel

The bus driver pulled over on the side of a long road. We hadn’t passed anything that looked alive in the past fifteen minutes. I could see nothing but empty vineyards and empty houses ahead. He looked at me through the rear view mirror to tell me it was my stop. I bumped several unsuspecting Croatian ladies with my backpack as I exited the bus, and it pulled away.  Outside, a cold drizzle was ... Read Full Article