Eating the Adriatic – A Date with Alba’s White Truffle Festival

  I arrived in the Langhe region to visit the annual Alba White Truffle Festival. Located in a part of Italy’s Piedmont region, the Langhe is home to some of the most prized cooking ingredients on earth. White truffles, Carrú beef, and a variety of cheeses, such as, the Robiola Rocchetta, testun de fen, and Castelmagno cheeses are products of this region. Some travelers that I met ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic – Chasing the Elusive White Truffle

  Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula is home to some of the most sought-after culinary ingredients in the world and at the top of the list is the white truffle. Istria’s olive oil has been repeatedly ranked among the tippy-top, and its wines, made from the malvazija, teran, and muskat grapes, pair excellently with the local Mediterranean cuisine (they are a good value, too, most ranging ... Read Full Article