First Time Visitor’s Guide to Dublin

Be sure to have a pint of Guinness

There are many things I wish I had known before that first trip to Dublin. Information that would have helped me see more, know where to stay in Dublin, manage my time better, and delve deeper into the city’s history and culture and make sure I saw all the best sights in Ireland. The first time I landed in Dublin, Ireland it was 7am on a sunny September day. I remember leaving the airport ... Read Full Article

London: A See It All Weekend

Tower Bridge

  For my 21st birthday, my Mom treated me to my first trip to Europe.¨We can go anywhere you want,¨she said, spreading the continent out before me like a treasure map. Naturally, I could think of no place more exciting than Paris... and Santorini had always been a dream destination. So those were my top choices. A family friend lived in London, so we decided to tack on a few days there too ... Read Full Article

First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Athens


For the first-time visitor to Athens, Greece, the city presents as a mixture of chaos and beauty. Immediately, you are struck by the noise -- the hustle and bustle of its busy streets -- a blend of engines, horns, and car radios blasting out from open windows. Following this -- if you look up from the throng -- you will see the Acropolis of Athens sitting tall on its marble perch overlooking the ... Read Full Article

First-time Visitor Guide to Milan, Italy


  More than any other city in Italy, Milan, with a city proper population of 1.3 million and metropolitan area population of 4 million, is a thriving, international, cultural, commerce center. While Rome is the place to see what remains of the old Roman civilization, Milan is where you'll find sophisticated, modern Italy. Cutting-edge fashion boutiques, trendy restaurants, world-acclaimed ... Read Full Article