UNESCO Sites: Top Things to See in Belgium

Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp

Belgium is home to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but if you take into consideration all individual sites, there are no less than 60. That can be explained as follows: Two of Belgium’s official UNESCO World Heritage Sites are actually made up of several separate sites—there are 17 Flemish béguinages, which are regarded as just one world heritage site, while 33 belfries dot the country, which ... Read Full Article

Brussels: the EU’s Stylish Capital

As home seat of the European Commission, Brussels is unofficially the capital of Europe. Although the European Union does not have an official capital and the European parliament meets in Strasbourg, many of the EU’s primary functions take place in Brussels. The effect of locating so much business here has had a tremendous impact on Brussels; with the EU has come prosperity with a cosmopolitan ... Read Full Article