Searching for the Best Wine Bar in Verona, Italy

  During my recent trip to Verona, Italy, I set out to find the best place to grab a glass of local wine. The region is well-known for making Valpolicella, Amarone, Bardolino, Prosecco, Soave, and Pinot Grigio wines; and every April it hosts the largest wine event on earth: VinItaly. This event brings hundreds of thousands of wine lovers together, making Verona an ideal city to taste fine ... Read Full Article

Italy From Bottom to Top: Making Risotto in Verona

It’s 8:42 am, and hiking is out of the question. I’m bummed. The peaks of the Alps are some of the most stunning in the world, but everything’s telling me to stay put in Verona: real-time local weather forecasts and live video feeds show rain, and it’s predicted to get worse. As much as I want to jump on a train, I know that hiking into bad weather is a bad idea. Instead, I’ll stay in Verona until ... Read Full Article

Italy from Bottom to Top: Verona

Love Notes in Juliet's House

  The rain is teasing us. It stops, the sun almost shines, then it pours buckets. Verona’s elegant riverside streets are vibrant with leafy maples and the river is running high. I’ve never been here in winter. To me, this is the city of perpetual spring, romantic and refined; above ground tombs give it an enigmatic air. After six weeks of travel, I need this serenity. It is raining, ... Read Full Article

Vinitaly: the Largest Wine Show in the World

Vinitaly is the largest wine show in the world and, until recently, exclusive to those in the wine business. But last year, the event added a new element to its already impressive repertoire, an “off show” that allows the average wine lover to indulge in the decadent tastings and high-class cuisine. The new show is called Vinitaly for You ; it takes place during the same time as Vinitaly, and it’s ... Read Full Article

Verona, Italy – City of Tragic Love and White Wine

  Approaching Verona , Italy on the train, I knew very little about the city other than that it is the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (though it is generally accepted by historians that Shakespeare never visited the city). I soon discovered that Verona, located in northeast Italy, offers a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, making it the perfect city to take a brief respite from ... Read Full Article

Verona, Italy: Romeo, Juliet and More

Romeo and Juliet may only be characters in a play, but they’ve been supporting a lucrative business in the city of Verona for quite a while. Souvenir shops sell figurines of the romantic, doomed couple and hotel ads quote Shakespeare. Tourists cluster in the courtyard under Juliet’s balcony and pose by her bronze statue, touching her right breast for luck (it’s shiny from all the rubbing). Many ... Read Full Article