Turku: More than Finland’s First City

Turku, Finland's "First City", dates back to 1280 when Swedish, Danish and Finnish merchants met 0n Finland's southwest coast at the mouth of the Aura River to trade goods. Over time Turku needed a cathedral (consecrated in 1300) and a bishop to govern the unruly heathens attracted by the marketplace. This region, Finland Proper, was the heart of the country in terms of its wealth, political power ... Read Full Article

Oulu, Finland’s Air Guitar and Other Summer Festivals

Tiny Oulu, in northern Finland, might never have come to your attention, unless you happen to be an avid hiker and kayaker heading north on the west Finland coast. But a dedicated group of artists and pranksters have ensured that Oulu will make a disproportionate impact on the music and cultural world. First and foremost would be the Air Guitar World Championships that began as a lark, but have ... Read Full Article