Touring the Keukenhof Garden in Holland

Parrot Tulips at the Willem Alexander Pavilion

  If you plan to travel anywhere in or near The Netherlands from March through late May, a day-trip to the Keukenhof Gardens is a must. The Keukenhof is the largest garden in the world and no matter if it is rainy or sunny, cold or warm, you will be rewarded by an opportunity to see a plethora of vivid, blooming plants. We traveled there as part of our AMA Waterways Tulip Cruise ... Read Full Article

8 Surprising Facts About the Netherlands

These surprising facts touch upon the most famous icons of the Netherlands—from tulips and Van Gogh to windmills, clogs, and liberal laws. Holland isn’t the Netherlands Though it’s become totally acceptable to call the Netherlands “Holland,” Holland originally referred to two regions within the Netherlands: North Holland and South Holland. Amsterdam is located in North Holland, prompting many ... Read Full Article

Keukenhof: Holland in Bloom

Purple Hyacinths at the Keukenhof

  Keukenhof, Dutch for “kitchen garden”, is the world’s largest flower garden. With over 7 million flower bulbs planted in the 70-acre garden annually, it is easy to see why this massive park has been called the ‘Garden of Europe’. Opened in 1949, the grounds were designed by the same architects that designed the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It was originally a hunting area that ... Read Full Article