Italy from Bottom to Top: Verona

Love Notes in Juliet's House

  The rain is teasing us. It stops, the sun almost shines, then it pours buckets. Verona’s elegant riverside streets are vibrant with leafy maples and the river is running high. I’ve never been here in winter. To me, this is the city of perpetual spring, romantic and refined; above ground tombs give it an enigmatic air. After six weeks of travel, I need this serenity. It is raining, ... Read Full Article

Italy From Bottom to Top: Tasting and Talking about Puglia Wine

Follow me as I journey from the southern tip of Italy’s Puglia region all the way up to the Trento Alps. I’ll be focusing on budget-friendly travel, and I’ll rarely use a car. Along the way I’ll sample traditional foods, visit lesser-known ruins and cities, sample excellent wines, and visit local cooking schools, the entire two months living out of a backpack. . . Day #8 Fabio Ingrosso and I ... Read Full Article

Italy from Bottom to Top: the Cuisine of Puglia

To enter Puglia’s culinary world is to walk into a combination of creativity and simplicity infused with fresh produce. For centuries, agriculture was the primary source of income, and you can taste the high standards of the local farmers who know just how a vegetable is supposed to taste. Chemicals have been introduced to the area, but even though most farmers use chemical fertilizers and ... Read Full Article

Day Trips to the Mountains of Trento, Italy

Whether it’s skiing on Monte Bondone in January or swimming in the aquamarine lakes of Monte Terlago in June—there are countless ways to take in the majestic wonder of the mountains near Trento in Northern Italy. If you’re staying down in the city center, consider the following day trips up to these breathtaking sights. Here is a short activity guide, arranged by season, for your trip to ... Read Full Article

Visit the Sights in Trento, Italy

While many travelers to Italy are very happy to stroll the streets of Florence, get lost in the maze of Venice, or tour the ruins in Rome, those who want to explore a beautiful, lesser-traveled region of Italy would do well to visit Trento. Nestled in the Adige river valley and surrounded by the Dolomite mountain range in the lower Alps, this city offers visitors a fascinating mix of Italian and ... Read Full Article