Tips and Tricks to Protect Yourself from Pickpockets in Europe

Don't be distracted

Pickpockets are a pernicious problem all over the world, but 8 of the world's 10 worst cities for pickpockets are top tourist destinations in Europe. This doesn't mean you shouldn't come to Europe ready to have a great time. It just means you should observe a few basic rules and techniques to keep your pocket change in your own pocket. Basic Safety The best things you can do to protect ... Read Full Article

10 Tips for Traveling with Chronic Pain

I adore traveling in Europe. But I’m not a college student anymore—I can’t throw some clothes and a Eurail Pass into a backpack and hit the road. Now I, like tens of millions of other people around the world, suffer from chronic pain. Pain makes traveling a challenge, not an impossibility. Here are ten tips for travelers with pain: Budget extra cash for creature comforts like better ... Read Full Article

Staying Healthy While Flying Internationally

There are few things more frustrating than the feeling I have had while disembarking from an international flight. My mind is so excited and ready to begin my trip, but my body feels sluggish, achy and ready for a three day nap. Since I travel frequently, I decided to figure out some ways to make the flight more bearable for both body and mind. By following these guidelines, I have had much better ... Read Full Article

Stay Limber, Travel Better: Yoga Positions to Ease the Pain of Long Flights

In my late teens and early twenties, I could sit for multiple hours on planes, trains or buses and emerge feeling rested and ready to explore. However, during my last two trips, I noticed that it has become harder to “bounce back” after spending 8+ hours wedged into a seat, trying to nap while the guy next to me kept me awake. It was also this time in my life that I started to experience back ... Read Full Article

Avoiding Foot and Leg Problems While Sightseeing

  Most of us walk more while on vacation than we do in our, normal lives. Whether this is because you missed your bus and need to walk (or run) to the station to catch your train, because you are on a two hour walking tour, or because the night is just perfect for a stroll along the Seine (or Thames, or Danube), tourists end up putting many miles on their feet. Here are several pieces of ... Read Full Article

Secure Your Home and Secure Your Peace of Mind

  When preparing for a trip, there are several things that we think can improve your home security and peace of mind. 1. Designate a Primary Contact Person One of the most important things to do is designate a person to be your primary contact person (PCP) while you are away. This is the person you will call if you have an emergency while traveling; it is also the person who will ... Read Full Article

Traveling to Europe With Health Issues

Do health problems make you nervous about traveling? Neil and I have been traveling internationally for years. We've had a few mishaps along the way which necessitated seeing a doctor, but nothing major. This year, however, two weeks before we were scheduled to leave for a summer in France, Neil had an unexpected heart attack. We were very lucky: he was rushed to an excellent hospital, received ... Read Full Article

A Cure for Jet Lag?

One of the downsides of travel to Europe is jet-lag. When I travel to Europe, it is from the west coast, so I really have more hours to make up than you lucky east-coasters; we have a 9-hour time differential. My secret is to stay up as long as I can when I get there and go to bed when it is dark, so I wake up the next morning ready to sight-see. It is when I get home that jet lag seems to set in. ... Read Full Article