How to Travel by Train Through France

  Before you go anywhere in France by train, you need to buy your train tickets! This can be done in a couple ways. First, there is the train station itself. With rare exceptions, you can purchase a train ticket from/to anywhere in France in any train station. Larger cities in France also have storefront offices called SNCF Boutiques. Here, you can sit down across a desk from someone ... Read Full Article

All Aboard the Touristic Train from Paris to Nevers

Whether you are visiting Paris for business or leisure, you may want to escape the city’s frantic pace for a few days -- without traveling long distances. Touristic trains are a great way out…and they make it easy on you. Enjoyable and cheap, they can take you to picturesque cities, towns and villages that you may not otherwise see. Furthermore, the experience will give you the opportunity to ... Read Full Article