Belgium Tourist Information

In Antwerp, Statue of the giant's hand being thrown into the Scheldt River.

Belgium is one of the smaller countries in continental Europe and the “middle child” of three countries comprising “Benelux” (the others being the Netherlands and Luxembourg). It is an often-overlooked country but many consider it a European gem. Its capital, Brussels, is nicknamed the capital of Europe as it is home to the European Union headquarters. In Brussels one can find a unique blend of ... Read Full Article

First-Time Visitor’s Guide to Split, Croatia


An amazing feeling creeps up when you visit the coastal city of Split for the first time. You see an entire city that grew out of the ruins of an ancient Roman palace, much as a walnut tree might grow out of a walnut shell. The modern main streets are the same streets built by Emperor Diocletian; the 1700-year-old stonewalls, columns, and sphinxes jump out at every turn. This guide will help ... Read Full Article

Ukraine Tourist Information

4 Potemkin Steps

Now’s the time to visit Ukraine! It’s an exciting time of progress and challenges with Ukraine’s evolving new identity post-Soviet rule. Still in its infancy of tourism, prices are reasonable (compared to Western standards). The historic churches, monuments, top-notch museums are amazing, the mountain vistas and beaches are dazzling, and then there is the famed Ukrainian hospitality. Kyiv ... Read Full Article

First Time Visitor’s Guide to Dublin

Be sure to have a pint of Guinness

There are many things I wish I had known before that first trip to Dublin. Information that would have helped me see more, know where to stay in Dublin, manage my time better, and delve deeper into the city’s history and culture and make sure I saw all the best sights in Ireland. The first time I landed in Dublin, Ireland it was 7am on a sunny September day. I remember leaving the airport ... Read Full Article

Genoa, Italy: an Insider’s Guide

Palazzo Reale by Giovanni Dall'Orto

  The Italian Riviera boasts such mesmerizing places as Portofino and the Cinque Terre with its stunning cliff-side towns, beaches, and baby blue seas, but the city of Genoa has a reputation for being a rough and tumble port. It hasn’t always been this way: the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens who spent most of his life in Genoa, as well as the infamous Baroque artist, Caravaggio, were ... Read Full Article

Luxembourg Tourist Information


Officially called Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this small constitutional monarchy is nestled between France, Belgium and Germany. Luxembourg’s population of just over a half million reflects diverse cultural influences. German, French and Luxembourgish (which has similarities with both French and German dialects are the country’s official languages. Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the ... Read Full Article

Malta Tourist Information


The little country of Malta, a member of the European Union, consists of a series of Mediterranean islands located 90k south of Sicily, Italy. This densely populated country holds an incredible variety of attractions for visitors, from prehistoric temple ruins to art festivals to scuba diving. It’s surrounded by clear waters and is sunny most of the time—hot in summer, mild in winter. Passports ... Read Full Article

Poland Tourist Information


Poland is an oft-neglected destination for travelers to Europe and this bodes well for those of you who do make the trip. Poland has had its ups and downs since leaving the cold grip of the Soviet Union in 1990, but the economy is stable and the tourism infrastructure is more than adequate for the casual traveler and yet rustic enough to provide for those magic moments far away from home. Poland ... Read Full Article

Liechtenstein Tourist Information

Near Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

Only 160 square kilometres (a little smaller than Washington DC), little Liechtenstein is the 4th smallest country in Europe. The head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein, is a very successful banker who presides over the family business -- leading the government of  the only remaining absolute monarchy in Europe.  He has, though, left the day-to-day running of the country to ... Read Full Article

Morocco Tourist Information

Souk carpet seller

Morocco is not actually a part of Europe, but is located so close, that many travelers to Europe include Morocco in their itineraries. For hundreds of years Morocco has been a bridge between the Muslim and Christian worlds of North Africa and Europe. More recently, Morocco gained fame as the last stop for refugees escaping the ravages of WWII. In the last 100 years, Morocco has become the favorite ... Read Full Article