Where to Stay in Turin


  In the northwest corner of Italy, the city of Turin is one of the largest cities in the country, and, though it is short on 5-star accommodations, it offers a solid range of ‘where to stay’ options. Turin is off the beaten path for most tourists, and yet it is surrounded by the culinary riches of the Piedmont region, from excellent wineries and white truffles to Slow Food restaurants and ... Read Full Article

Italy Can Mend a Broken Heart


  For most of the summer, I was afraid to go to Italy. I was scared to hear the accent, to taste spaghetti Bolognese, to smell espresso. I worried that hearing my favourite Italian word, “Alora”, might send me straight over the edge. You see, I fell in love with an Italian last year. If this has happened to you before, I needn’t say more. If it hasn’t, let me fill you in: His name ... Read Full Article

Top Ten Turin Tourist Attractions

Turin (Torino in Italian), a prosperous city on the Po River in northwestern Italy, isn't considered flamboyant, but it's lively. Italy's first capital has so many intriguing museums, churches,  palaces, arcades, wine bars, and cafes you can stay for months and scarcely scratch the surface. Here are my Top Ten Turin Tourist Attractions, (not in order of importance; that depends upon your own ... Read Full Article

Italy’s Best Chocolate: Gianduja

  One of the greatest of Italian inventions is gianduja, and the best place to sample it is Turin, Italy. About 60% of Italy's chocolate comes from this city on the River Po, in northern Italy's Piedmont region. If you've ever tasted the creamy combination of chocolate and hazelnuts called Nutella, you've had a slight hint of  the flavor of this marvelous confection. I didn't know this ... Read Full Article

Enjoying Piedmont’s Culinary Wonders

Turin Apertif

Piedmont, the region at the base of the Italian Alps, is bordered by Switzerland and France, and sometimes seems to take more inspiration from its neighbors than from Italy. With its mix of cultures, the region offers culinary delights at every turn, from the luxury of the elusive white truffle to the tradition of the nightly aperitivo. The Aperitivo Ritual of Turin (Torino) The region’s ... Read Full Article