Is a Paris Pass Worth the Cost?


  Is a Paris Pass worth the cost? You pay a fairly hefty amount up front; but, will it save you time and money in the long run?  My experience on a recent trip to France is Yes, definitely, if you plan to see the sights (of course you’re going to sight see, you’re in Paris) and if you plan your time carefully. The Paris Pass provides entry to more than 60 attractions in and around Paris, ... Read Full Article

Ukraine Tourist Information

4 Potemkin Steps

Now’s the time to visit Ukraine! It’s an exciting time of progress and challenges with Ukraine’s evolving new identity post-Soviet rule. Still in its infancy of tourism, prices are reasonable (compared to Western standards). The historic churches, monuments, top-notch museums are amazing, the mountain vistas and beaches are dazzling, and then there is the famed Ukrainian hospitality. Kyiv ... Read Full Article

Eat, Pray, Love in Florence

White Truffle Ravioli_Antico Fattore

Disembarking the train at Florence’s Stazione di Santa Maria Novella, I resolve to make the most of my just three days in Florence to get my “Eat Pray Love” groove on—preferably without busting my budget. After a lovely week of hiking The Veneto, the Italian countryside north of Venice, reaching Florence feels like sweet relief. Sure, I can heft a backpack with the best of them and by now my ... Read Full Article

Bulgaria Tourist Information


Bulgaria is an ancient nation situated along the Black Sea to the east, Romania to the north, Turkey and Greece to the south, and Serbia and Macedonia to the west. The original Bulgars and Slavs migrated to present-day Bulgaria more than 2000 years ago and established themselves as a major power in southeast Europe. For hundreds of years, Bulgaria vied with the Byzantines, the Ottomans, the ... Read Full Article

Tips on Tipping in England

restaurant in England

Imagine the scenario. Two Americans are visiting England and have just finished their meal in a fairly down-to-earth cafe or pub. Studying their bill, they lean over toward an Englishman at the table next to theirs and ask him how much it would be customary to tip. He is mystified. "Tip?... In this place?" But now it is their turn to be mystified. "You mean we shouldn't leave anything for the ... Read Full Article