Thessaloniki, Greek Macedonia: The Paris of the North

Once known as the ‘Paris of the North’, Thessaloniki (Salonika) definitely has a different ambience than Athens. Maybe it’s the city’s close proximity to the sea and the elegant Parisian-style buildings. Or perhaps it’s the vibrant ‘youthful’ feel because of the young people who stroll the plateias and crowd the sea-side tavernas. Thessalonki is, after all, a university city so a large portion of ... Read Full Article

Historic and Happening Thessaloniki, Greece

  Second in size only to Athens, the Greek port city of Thessaloniki has preserved its multi-layered history with remnants of its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past. Walking along the main drag of Tsimiski Street, one can get caught up in the bustle of the city. Museums are abundant, many displaying ancient artifacts, but also on hand are exhibit halls featuring photography, cinematography ... Read Full Article