Tarascon, France – the Heart of the South of France

Tarascon Castle

  Way back when, the strange dragon-monster called the Tarasque is said to have terrified the citizens of Tarascon, France (understandably, since it enjoyed snacking on humans). Legend has it that the monster with the spiky back was tamed by St. Martha. Today it’s a sort of mascot of Tarascon, celebrated in many ways. The largest is a June festival, the Fête de la Tarasque, when there are ... Read Full Article

Shop the Markets of Provence and the Cote d’Azur

Nice Market in Summer

When in Provence, checking out the many street markets is a must. While in France we build our sightseeing around the markets. We get to the town early, visit the market and spend the rest of the day visiting the sights. The vendors at these markets are friendly and most will speak at least a little English. If not, you can use hand gestures to let them know what you want and how much. It ... Read Full Article