My Thermal Bath Adventure in Stuttgart

Forget the beerhalls, the Berlin Wall, or the Black Forest; one of the best things about Germany is the nudity, and the best place to get involved is in Stuttgart's thermal baths. When my travel buddy, Marty, announced he wanted to spend a few days in Stuttgart, I feared that my absolute lack of enthusiasm for cars (the city's main claim to fame) was going to leave me a very bored girl. But ... Read Full Article

Stuttgart, Germany – a Swabian Delight

Stuttgart is the gateway to one of Germany's most storied regions, the Black Forest of Swabia, and fittingly is itself one of the greenest cities in Germany. The nearby Neckar River has its source in the Swabian Alps of the Black Forest and forms the valley that surrounds Stuttgart. The hills on either side of the valley are forested and/or covered with vineyards all the way from Prague to ... Read Full Article

Germany Christmas Markets: a World of Christmas Magic

At Christmastime, Germany reveals its most Magical side. More than 2,500 Christmas markets invite you to share in the joy of the Christmas season and enter into Germany's festive spirit. If you want to enjoy these enchanting markets, you will need to plan ahead. In October and even sooner, tour companies roll out their Winter Escorted Tour brochures and on-line offerings. Here is a list of the ... Read Full Article